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The Strength (XI)



Characters: Justine and Caroline

This Co-op is a little special— you gain ranks by entering the Velvet Room with Personas bearing specific moves. Maxing out this Co-op provides some nice Persona-related bonuses, such as the ability to train Personas to learn new skills and shed their weaknesses.

I tried my best to translate the Persona names, but if need be just refer to the Japanese names.

The first Co-op rank is gained on the 18th of May.


Appearance Dates: All

Appearance Locations: The Velvet Room

Appearance Timings: Night (Palaces/Mementos’ also OK)

Weather: All


Rank Up Requirements:

Rank Requirement Notes
0→1 Jack Frost with Mabufu


You can get Jack Frost at level 12
1→2 Shiisa with Flare


Combine Jack Frost (Magician) with Magami
2→3 Matador with Mahagaru


Nekomata X Obarion
3→4 Flauros

with Tarukaja


Berith(Hierophant) X Andras(Devil) X Eligor (Emperor) (Group Guillotine)
4→5 Ame No Uzume with Dodge Psy


Lv27Kin-ki (Chariot) X Sui-ki (Moon)
5→6 Neko Shogun with Dekaja


Kodama (Star) X Sudamu (Hermit) X Lvl 28 Anzu (Hierophant)
6→7 Lachesis with Tetoraja


  1. Ramia X Principality = Ame No Uzume (Lovers) (with Tetoraja)
  2. Ame No Uzume (Lovers) X Isis  = Lachesis



7→8 Hecatonchires with Mahasukunda


Koronzon (Magician) X Toto


8→9 Bagusu with Samarecarm(?)


Pixie (Lovers) X Pishacha (Death) X Hariti (Lv 41) (Group Guillotine)


Note: Hariti learns Samarecarm at level 41. She can be fused using Anubis (Judgment)and Unicorn (Hierophant).

9→10 Seto with Hyper Counter


  1. Lvl 52 Dakini(Empress) X Pazuzu (Devil)= Horus(Sun) with Hyper Counter
  2. Isis (Priestess) X Toto (Emperor) X Anubis (Judgment) X Horus (Sun) = Seto

Note: To get a level 52 Dakini, you may fuse Randa (Magician, lvl 48) with Hecatoncheir (Hanged Man lvl 44)

In Japanese, ダーキニ=ランダ(魔術師48)xヘカトンケイル(刑死者44)



3. イシス×トート×アヌビス×ホルス(ハイパーカウンタ)=セト(ハイパーカウンタ)


Co-op Abilities

*These abilities power up at Co-op Rank 10

Rank Ability Effect
1 Group Guillotine (集団ギロチン) Gain the ability to fuse 3 Personas together
3 Solitary Confinement (独房送り)* Gain the ability to put Personas in Solitary Confinement, that allows them to lose their weaknesses over time
5 Guillotine Booster (ギロチンブースタ)* More Personas fusions are unlocked for Group Guillotine
8 Special Isolation (特殊独房)* Powers up the resistance skills Personas learn in Solitary Confinement
10 Preferential Treatment (特別待遇)* Pay money to fuse Personas of a higher level than yourself


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  • EchOne

    I believe in rank 6→7 Rakshasa should be Lachesis.

    Good work, though! I finally got Strength to 10 today thanks to this.

    • Kuanyi Twang

      Hey man, super late but I changed it. Thanks for the info! Glad I could help!

  • Theralion

    On 10/14, you get a mission from Mishima that, once completed, gives you the High Counter skill card as a reward, which makes fulfilling the last request very easy. With it, all you need to do is fuse Seth and give it the skill card, and you're done.

  • Mel

    4→5 Ame No Uzume with Telekinetic Sight

    Lv27Kin-ki (Chariot) X Sui-ki (Moon)

    In the English Version, the Skill required is Called "Dodge Psy".

    Thank you so much for all this!

    • Kuanyi Twang

      Updated! Thanks for letting me know!