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The Magician (I)



Character: Morgana 

Like The Fool Arcana, you gain Co-op points with Morgana simply by progressing with the game’s story. Can’t date cats, bummer.


Rank Up Event Dates:

Rank Dates
1→2 Enter Kamoshida’s treasury
2→3 Clear Mudarame’s palace
3→4 20th June
4→5 Clear Kaneshiro’s palace
5→6 25th July
6→7 29th August
7→8 17th September
8→9 Clear Okumura’s palace
9→10 23rd December

Co-op Abilities

Rank Ability Effect
1 Infiltration Tool Recipe Crafting (潜入道具のレシピ) Craft tools that you may use in Palaces or Mementos, such as keys to open rare treasure chests. Crafting is done at the desk in your room, and gives 2 Proficiency points for each period spent crafting
2 Baton Touch (バトンタッチ) When you activate 1 More during battle, you may press R2 to pass the follow-up attack to any team member with the Baton Touch ability
3 Follow-up Attack (追い撃ち) After your Main Character attacks, follow-up with a critical attack that knocks down an enemy and does heavy damage (triggers randomly)
4 Cat Talk (ニャンコトーク) If negotiations with an enemy during Hold Up fail, reset your last answer and re-enter negotiations (triggers randomly)
5 Pillage (オタカラ強奪) Steal items from the enemy when attacking with your Main Character (triggers randomly). This ability powers up when your Co-op rank with Morgana reaches 10
6 All Infiltration Tool Recipes (とっておきの道具レシピ) Unlock all recipes for infiltration tool crafting
7 Paper Fan Recovery (ハリセンリカバー) Remove negative status effects from teammates by slapping them with a paper fan (triggers randomly)
8 Endure (食いしばり) Survive one fatal attack with 1HP remaining
9 Protect (かばう) Protect the Main Character from one fatal attack by diving in and taking the attack on his behalf
10 Super Burst (超覚醒) Allows the character’s Persona to evolve into its final form


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