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The Hierophant (V)



Character: Sojiro Sakura

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being a Barista at Starbucks. Hanging with Sojiro is the next best thing.

You can start helping him at Le Blanc from the 20th of April onwards. There are quite a lot of clear conditions to reaching Co-op rank 10, but the only attribute you need to deepen your relationship is a 5 in Kindness.

Speaking from a tactical standpoint, maxing his Co-op rank allows you to create powerful SP restoration items, or have Sadayo Kawakami make them for you. Mite b cool.


Appearance Dates: Everyday except Wednesday

Appearance Locations: Le Blanc

Appearance Timings: Night

Weather: Any


Rank Up Questions/Answers:

Rank Qns. No Answers/ Affection Points gained
1→2 1 The art of brewing ♪1 ♪2
How to hit on girls
I don’t know
2 Who is it?
A suspicious guy ♪1 ♪2
That woman?
3 I want the ladies to love me ♪1 ♪2
I’ve no interest
Make a cup of coffee to continue
2→3 1 medium-fine ♪1 ♪2
anything goes
2 Is it a date?
Is it trouble? ♪1 ♪2
You don’t need my help anymore?
3→4 1 I want to know the details. ♪3
Seems complicated.
I don’t get it.
2 Call someone
Your phone is ringing ♪3
Turn them away
Clear the Futaba Pyramid to continue
4→5 1 it’s not bad ♪2
nothing in particular
It hurts ♪2 ♪3
2 Like Futaba? ♪2
Seems big. ♪2 ♪3
So that’s why you’re single..
3 Compensation, huh ♪1 ♪2
It’s a topic that’ll make me cry.
Thats deep..
5→6 1 I respect that.
I’m not touched.
Everyone is different. ♪2 ♪3
2 That’s wrong. ♪2
I’m sorry.
Shut up. ♪3 ♪3
3 That’s not true. ♪2 ♪3
Break free of destiny
Kindness Attribute Rank 5 needed to continue
6→7 1 Maybe so. ♪2 ♪3
That’s not true.
The taste is good.
2 Are you ok?
Have you calmed down?
Will you listen?
3 Talk it over.
She’ll get it if you talk about it.
What an awkward pair.
7→8 1 Are you okay with that?
As long as its curry. ♪3 ♪3
I can’t decide.
2 Nothing.
I’m just protecting what I can. ♪2 ♪3
Clear the mission <The Inheritance-Grubbing Uncle> (遺産を狙う悪い伯父さん) to continue
8→9 1 Nothing at all. ♪3 ♪3
I shut him up. ♪2
2 Are you crying?
You’ve got a great daughter. ♪3 ♪3
Congratulations. ♪3 ♪3
9→10 1 What can I do for you?
I’m not interested.
2 Thank goodness. ♪2 ♪3
Thank you. ♪3 ♪3


Co-op Abilities

* These abilities power up when Co-op is maxed

Rank Ability Effect
2 Coffee-Lover (コーヒーのイロハ)* Brew coffee that restores a little of a comrade’s SP
4 Le Blanc Curry Recipe (ルブランカレーのレシピ)* Cook curry that restores a little of your entire party’s SP outside of battle
6 The Essentials of Coffee (コーヒーの極意)* Brew coffee that restores more of a comrade’s SP
9 Le Blanc’s Secret Curry Recipe (ルブランカレーのコツ)* Cook curry that restores more of your entire party’s SP outside of battle
10 The Essence of Le Blanc (ルブランカレーの極意)* Cook curry that restores a great amount of your entire party’s SP outside of battle


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