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The Dark Net

The Dark Net is Persona 5’s version of the Deep Web. But it’s not human trafficking or anything similarly horrifying you’ll find here, but items rarer than what you can get on the TV shopping network.

Accessing The Dark Net

  1. On the 2nd of September, you can buy a broken computer 「こわれたパソコン」at the Yongenjaya Second-Hand Shop.
  2. Purchase the Computer Repair Kit 「パソコン用工具セット」in Akihabara’s tool shop
  3. Repair the computer at the desk in your room

Dark Net Ranks

There are 3 user ranks in the Dark Net. Having a higher rank will unlock more items for sale. Your rank is raised by spending a certain amount of money in the Dark Net:


Rank Spending Required
Black 10,000円
Dark 50,000円
Chaos 100,000円


Dark Net Items

Item Name Cost Effect Rank
Black Stone


1000 Raw material for Electric Chair usage Initially available


2000 50 Dark-type damage to all enemies Initially available
Condenser Lens


3600 Raw material Initially available
Nirvana Ring


30000 Light Attribute Resistance (Large) Initially available
Black Cloth


500 Raw material for Electric Chair usage Black
Dirty Protective Wear


1000 Wash it at Coin Laundry Black
A Great Man’s Eyepatch


60000 Physical attack evasion up (Medium) Black
Hercule’s Ankle


80000 Power +5 Black


Item Name Cost Effect Rank
Black Knife


1000 Raw material for Electric Chair usage Dark
Atom Match


2000 50 Nuclear attribute damage Dark
Divine Punishment Mirror


24000 Reflect 20% of Physical damage taken Dark
Rosary Charm


50000 Magic Evasion up (Small) Dark
Black Imitation Gun


1000 Raw material for Electric Chair usage Chaos
Filthy Protective Wear


1000 Wash it at Coin Laundry Chaos
Magic Extinguishing Ring


100000 Magic resistance up (Medium) Chaos
Laurent Medal


500000 All stats +5 Chaos


Dirty/Filthy Protective Wear

Washing the dirty protective wear at Coin Laundry will allow you to obtain the ultimate protective wear pieces in the game:

Name Effect
The Golden Shirt Of Super Karma


273 Defense, Physical damage reduction (small)
The Silky Shirt Of Super Sky-Rendering


275 Defense, Magic Atk +5
Super Silver Vest


236 Defense
Super Soul Vest


263 Defense
Over Guard


284 Defense

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  • edmund

    i have a question when do the items restock because i bought the black knife and black imitation gun around the end of september i think it was and then after that i couldnt buy anymore, so how would i be able to buy more of those two items from the dark net

    • Kuanyi Twang

      Hi Edmund,

      I'm sorry, but the Japanese guides don't say! If you have any info on when the items restock, do share :)

      As for your question regarding the Twins boss fight drop- again, Japanese wiki has no info. If you could take a photo of the key item description and upload it somewhere to show me, I would be happy to read the description to you :)

      • edmund

        i see thanks for letting me know. as for the twins boss battle key item, here this is what i got from them


  • Tamia

    Does this take up in time?

    • Kuanyi Twang

      Hi! No!

  • Tamia

    Hi and thank you for your response!