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The Chariot (VII)


Character: Ryuji Sakamoto

Junpei The Third. Like any true bro, you don’t need any attribute points to hang out with him, so you can max out his Confidant rank early if you want to use him in battle.

Having said that, I wouldn’t recommend doing so— aside from one unique Confidant ability, everything else he learns is generic stuff the other Thieves learn. Maxing him out early means wasting great events later in the game, like study sessions. Your time in the first half of the game is probably better spent getting Attribute points, or gaining Confidant ranks with characters that give amazing abilities.


Appearance Dates: All

Appearance Locations: The staircase near your classroom, or the Arcade

Appearance Timings: After school, afternoon (off days)

Weather: All


Rank Up Questions/Answers:

Rank Qns. No Answers/ Affection Points gained
1 1 I’m counting on you ♪3 ♪3
You seem pretty excited ♪2 ♪3
..Help with what?
2 What about them?
And then you punched him?
3 Should we head back? ♪1 ♪2
Do you regret it? ♪1 ♪2
2 1 Stop fighting. ♪1 ♪2
Shall we train together?
Nice to meet you.
2 Calm down ♪2 ♪3
Bear with it ♪2
Shut up
3 1 Nakaoka?
Are you curious? ♪1 ♪2
Let go
2 It’s not over for you ♪3
Where do you belong? ♪2
You have a friend in me ♪1 ♪2
4 1 Towel? ♪1 ♪2
Protein powder? ♪2 ♪3
2 Seems complicated ♪1 ♪2
Do you want to rejoin? ♪1 ♪3
You’re done with them, right?
3 So he’s short? ♪1 ♪2
So he’s an asshole? ♪2 ♪3
5 1 At the gym ♪2 ♪2
Should we go to the gym? ♪1 ♪2
Is Uchi coming? ♪1 ♪3
2 Can’t you trust your friends? ♪1 ♪3
What if a fight breaks out? ♪2 ♪3
3 I get it ♪1 ♪2
I get the gist of it ♪2 ♪3
I have no idea
4 What do you mean?
You’re still breathing, right?
5 What?
What are you saying?
6 1 Should we take Yamauchi’s heart?
Let’s speak to him directly. ♪2 ♪3
2 You’re pretty cool. ♪1 ♪3
What are you talking about? ♪1 ♪2
7 1 Looks like they’re going to fight.
Can you trust me?
2 Thank goodness. ♪3 ♪3
Can’t be helped. ♪3
3 All I did was watch. ♪2 ♪3
A show of gratitude. ♪3
4 I’m not running. ♪2
Even though it doesn’t look cool ♪2 ♪3
8 1 What if? ♪1 ♪3
Aren’t you running? ♪2
2 What will you do? ♪1 ♪2
What if he’s busy with club activities?
Don’t go back! ♪3
3 That’s true. ♪1 ♪2
Is that so? ♪3
4 I feel the same way. ♪1 ♪2
That’s really roundabout.
9 1 I’m looking forward to it. ♪3
I won’t lose. ♪3
2 You’re welcome.
It’s your strength!


Holiday Events

Date Qns. No Answers/ Affection Points gained Others
10th May 1 One more time ♪2  Study together, gain 3 Knowledge points
Maybe you made a careless mistake. ♪1 ♪2
29th May 1 It was touching. ♪3 ♪3 Catch a movie, gain 3 Kindness points
Didn’t feel a thing.
3rd July

(go fishing)

1 The underworld, right? ♪3
Is that so?
2 Give up hope
Crumble in the face of the world’s cruelty.
3 Let’s call an expert. ♪3 Gain 3 Co-op points with Yusuke
It’s a famous fisherman. ♪3 Gain 3 Co-op points with Yusuke
12th July 1 try harder. ♪2 Study together, gain 3 Knowledge points
I’ll figure it out somehow.
28th July 1 Of course, the protagonist. ♪3 Read, gain 3 Courage points
The rival. ♪3
His comrades. ♪2
28th July (Night) 1 Do it like we learned ♪3 Get Le Blanc Coffee
brewing wholeheartedly ♪3 Get Bitter Le Blanc Coffee
3rd Aug 1 Soccer ♪3 Watch a DVD together, gain 3 Charm points
Baseball ♪2
Neither ♪3
13th Aug 1 Win in Star Forneus ♪3 Play video games together, gain 3 Courage points
Lose in Star Forneus
13th Aug (Night) 1 Do it like we learned Get Le Blanc Coffee
brew it wholeheartedly ♪3 Get Bitter Le Blanc Coffee
16th Oct 1 try harder ♪1 ♪2 Study together, gain 3 Knowledge points
figure it out yourself

Confidant Abilities

*Powers up at Co-op Rank 10

Rank Ability Effect
2 Baton Touch (バトンタッチ) When you activate 1 More during battle, you may press R2 to pass the follow-up attack to any team member with the Baton Touch ability
3 Follow-up Attack (追い撃ち) After your Main Character attacks, follow-up with a critical attack that knocks down an enemy and does heavy damage (triggers randomly)
4 Yankee Talk (ヤンキートーク) If negotiations with an enemy during Hold Up fail, reset your last answer and re-enter negotiations (triggers randomly)
6 Paper Fan Recovery (ハリセンリカバー)* Remove negative status effects from teammates by slapping them with a paper fan (triggers randomly)
7 Instant Kill Upon triggering a chance encounter in the Shadow Realm, occasionally instantly kill every enemy Shadow
Endure (食いしばり) Survive one fatal attack with 1HP remaining
9 Protect (かばう) Protect the Main Character from one fatal attack by diving in and taking the attack on his behalf
10 Super Burst (超覚醒) Allows the character’s Persona to evolve into its final form


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