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Raider Gundam

Model Number: GAT-X370 Pilot: Clotho Buer
Cost: 300 Hp: 540 Transform: O Form Change: X

A unit from the X300 series that has a similar inner frame to the Aegis Gundam. It transforms into a bird-like Mobile Armor form, allowing for high speed movement within Earth’s atmosphere. It excels in hit-and-run tactics.

Move Summary

MS Mode


MA Mode



Raider is a general-purpose suit, albeit one with a relatively short red-lock range. While its tools are generally short in range, the Mjolnir hammer and Zorn beam cannon have relatively high down values to make up for it. Your main role is as a “disruptor”, who comes in close to unsuspecting enemies, down them quickly, and create more favorable 2v1 situations. Thus, proper shot placement is essential when playing Raider, as both its melee and ranged options are rather mediocre.

Raider’s general mobility is decent and has an MA mode. With its below average red-lock range and overall mediocre damage output, Raider is certainly not beginner-friendly, and will require only the most seasoned of pilots to fully bring out its potential.



During MS Mode

During MA Mode



  • Raider has pretty lackluster Red Lock range in MS form, general rule of thumb is to stay in MA form at long ranges and MS form at close ranges
  • Raider has plenty of tools with high down values and melee combos that are short; get in quickly, down the enemy and quickly retreat.
  • Due to the short duration of most of its attacks, Blaze Gear is recommended to maximize the damage output from its short combos.
  • What Raider does best is defend itself. You do have decent self-defense options in your machine gun, sub, 2B, and AC. MA mode can also be useful for getting away. Against extremely aggressive players, Raider could be a decent counter-pick.