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Qubeley Mk-II

Model Number: AMX-004-02 Pilot: Ple Two  Cost:300 Hp:540 Transform: X Form Change: X


A unit with some minor changes made to the first prototype unit that was piloted by Haman. A 3 pronged Beam sabers were added to the hands, and a Psycommu Controller added to allow remote piloting from outside the cockpit.

Form 1

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Gun  8 70 More ammo than usual for this unit’s cost
Charged Main  Beam Gun (Double Shot)  – 102  1-hit down
Sub Funnel   15  71 Fires a set of 3 funnels, input direction for different effect. Can release up to 9 funnels at once

5AB: Deploys funnels beside Quebley and stays there. Deployed funnels automatically fires after 1 second, or when main is fired.

Any other direction AB: Sends funnels out to chase the target. Funnels will attack from the direction input.

Special Shooting Funnel (full Salvo)   2  35~  Deploys 9 funnels in a row in front of Quebley and fires. Good for anti melee. Input 4/6 to deploy the row to be entirely on the left or right of Quebley. Can be used even if any amount of funnels are sent out due to AB.
Special Melee   Funnel Mode  100 ~61  Quebley does a spin, poses and enter funnel mode. During Funnel Mode, a very small amount of boost is gradually consumed. BDC or press Boost to exit Funnel mode. 9 Funnels are send to follow the current target. Press A to command funnels to fire, causing heavy stagger. Cooldown of 3 seconds after exiting before the reload starts, with very fast reload of 100 ammo/15 sec (~6 ammo/sec). 

 Different direction input will change the initial spin and pose slightly
2BC: Enters Funnel Mode without moving
4/5/6BC: Spins upwards slightly then enters Funnel Mode
8BC: Spins upwards even higher than 4/5/6BC

Awakening Attack  Super Funnel Mode  177 (B) /153 (L) Buff type Awakening Attack. Has Superarmor, forced camera and refills BC ammo to full during activation.

 The effect is same as the BC Funnel Mode, except you can move around while the funnels are all chasing your target automatically. Funnels will also only stick to the original target.  Press A, AB or BC to command the funnels to fire. During this mode, you cannot use AB, AC, or BC. This effect ends after the ammo for BC hits 0, regardless of Quebley still being in Awakening. This effect also ends when the original target dies, oddly enough, but AB and AC will still remain unusable until ammo for BC hits. Be careful when using this Awakening Attack on a dying enemy. 



Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB  170  Standard 3 hit melee, last hit bounces
8B 8BB  149  Dust Down
4B 4BB  125  
2B 2B 80   
CC8B CC8B 85   High damage single hit

Cancel Route:




  • As BC’s starting ammo is full during spawn, you can use it immediately right as the fight starts, provided your opponent has no gerobi attacks.
  • BC can also be used for a quick focused attack by firing the funnels immediately just as you enter funnel mode, due to the funnels flying to the target straight in a very tight pack towards the target.


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