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How To Power Level

This is what The Reaper will look like when under the Despair status- hunched over, and the comical representations of despair.

This is what The Reaper will look like when under the Despair status. Can’t see it clearly? Too bad, Atlus removed my video 🙂


It will take you around 80 hours to get to the level 60 range in Persona 5, but you can power level through the last 40 levels or so in under 2 hours.

<I made a video demonstrating the entire process but Atlus sent me a copyright strike and took the video down so shout outs to Atlus woohoo>

1) Visit Mementos during the Influenza outbreak period (13-15 Nov, 8-9 Dec)

2) Wait around a Mementos floor for about 5 minutes. The Reaper will appear

3) Engage him in battle. If he does not have the Despair status effect, run from the battle

4) Repeat step 3 until he has the Despair status. Wait 3 turns for him to die on his own, yielding over 70k exp

*Only works on each floor once. Go to another floor to spawn another Reaper.

*The Star’s Rank 9 Confidante ability allows you to instantly escape from battle. This ability is very helpful in this endeavor, and is highly recommended.

** Maxing out The Moon’s Confidante ability will allow you to gain more EXP, even faster. Make sure you max him out.

***Some users have reported much lower EXP gains. I’m not sure why, and the Japanese wikis don’t say why either.


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  • Phii

    Just curious, if you are unable to escape and it does not have despair status, is it killable?

    • Kuanyi Twang

      Hi! Definitely killable. But you and your party will have to be around level 90, and you'll need a pretty good Persona.

  • The fool

    do I have to use a certain item or equip to obtain 70.000 exp?
    I followed the steps but the reaper gives me only 5.500 exp at the end of battle (which is good but not as 70k)

    • Kuanyi Twang


      That's really weird! I didn't have any special equipment- the only EXP modifier I have is that I have a Confidant rank of 10 with Mishima.

      • The fool

        thank you for your reply
        as additional information for my current status (if someone has the same problem or it is just me)
        party level 74
        Mishima cooperation rank MAX
        first encounter with the reaper it was at the 3 floor of mementos (at first I thought that maybe because I saw him on a low level area the experience wasn't so high but even deeper in the dungeon he keeps giving the same amount of exp)

        • Kuanyi Twang

          Hmmm. I was on the bottom floors of Mementos when I did it, although I got the same amount of EXP per battle regardless of which floor i was on!

  • Jaejae69

    Hey so just want to confirm whether this has been patched out of the game or If i was just so extremely unlucky. 2 days ago I went through 14 floors getting the reaper in every single one without ever seeing the despair status. And yes im 100% certain this was on an influenza day.

    • Kuanyi Twang

      Hi Jae,

      I mentioned it in the guide, but it's unlikely that the reaper will have despair on the very first encounter. If he is not in Despair, flee the battle, and wait for him to respawn on the same floor and fight him again. Rinse and repeat until he is in Despair. You're probably unlucky, but don't leave the floor until you meet a Reaper in despair!

  • Fathan

    I didn't get 70k exp :( every time i beat him i only got 5.5k

    • Kuanyi Twang

      Hi Fathan,

      Sorry to hear that! That's really weird. How far along are you on the Moon Social link? The only factor I can think of that affects EXP is that..

  • Ronald

    Thanks it worked for me, I got 72k exp. I got Nishima at level 8 on social link.

    • Kuanyi Twang

      Haha glad it worked out for ya!http://www.ggez.space/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-form

  • Quezkatolen

    thx buddy, I went from level 53 to 60 (...or 61) and yes, I got 70k exp.
    I had rank 10 in moon confidant. and I did the reaper run november 14 during the flu - it worked.
    this guide works, people saying they get only 5k.. okay? I just did it with my european version here in sweden and it worked 100% thx for the guide dude, great guides overall btw.

  • Metalcape

    I guess that even if you don't have Star's rank 9 ability you can still do this if you craft some vanish balls and then use them to escape the battle if the Reaper is not affected. My star confidant was on rank 7 so i did it this way, but I got pretty lucky and found the Reaper with despair on my first encounter. Anyway I went from 53 to 62 in five minutes, so it's really worth the risk.