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Beginner/Intermediate Fusion Tips

The Personas you bring into battle make up the bulk of your overall battle prowess. Utilizing Fusion correctly is the key to decimating Shadows, and becoming the ultimate thief.

This guide will cover some of the basic/intermediate things to consider when fusing Personas.

Get Every Element

Ideally, you want to have every elemental magic attack at your disposal, at all times. There are 8 elements: fire, wind, lightning, ice, psychic, nuclear, light, and dark.

The reason elemental attacks are so important is that, aside from pierce attacks with your gun, they are the key to scoring knock-downs, which trigger One More, Hold Ups, and All-Out Attacks.

In the earlier part of the game you should be able to get by just fine with the basic first four elements, but as you progress through the game, the need for the others becomes dire.

But my party members also have access to most of the elemental attacks listed above, you might say. In the interest of rationing SP, your most precious resource in Palaces, you need to be able to  down monsters as well, or you’ll quickly run out of SP and have to leave the Palace, wasting a day.

You won’t be able to squeeze all 8 elements on a single Persona, so try and split everything up between 2-4 Personas. Switching Personas can be done at the start of the battle or after scoring a One More, so switching between them for different elemental attacks is simple.

SP Preservation For Palaces

At first glance, it might look like taking the more damaging Agirao over Agi makes sense. However, it’s important to note that Agirao costs twice as much SP to cast, which means you could be knocking down two monsters with Agi for every monster you knock down with Agirao. When the name of the game is SP Preservation, choosing to stick with low-level spells might make more sense.

Agirao becomes more SP economic the moment you are unable to kill a Shadow after an Agi + All-Out-Attack combination.

While the ‘Ma’ version of spells hit all enemy targets, they cost quite a bit more SP. For example, Agi costs 4 SP, and Maragi costs 10. You’re only making a saving on SP if you hit 3 or more Shadows with it, and don’t forget that if you miss one, you’ll miss out on the Hold Up, and casting a second Maragi will cost you 20 SP.

It’s all a bit technical, and I don’t want to go into too much detail. I just want you guys to start thinking about SP Preservation when making Fusion choices.

Bulldozing Bosses

Before confronting a boss, I usually head to the Velvet Room first to try and fuse the right kind of Persona(s) needed to take him down. Most bosses are immune to elemental attacks, so you want to go with Personas that have a good list of resistances to the attacks the bosses use, as well as strong Physical Attacks.

Of course, you’re free to find your own winning strategies, but I found that hitting bosses with powerful Physical Attacks together with other powerhouse characters, while having Morgana on heal duty, worked on pretty much every boss. Of course it helps to have a Persona with Recovery Skills at your own disposal should the damage be too much for Morgana to heal off.



Of course, one of the biggest factors to take into account is the weaknesses and strengths of your Personas to various attack types. One big no-no is Personas who are weak to Strike attacks- you’re guaranteed to get knocked down a lot.

Be sure to fully utilize your ability to use multiple Personas in battle. Make sure your Personas have a variety of resistances, that you can switch into for defense against certain attacks.

Try Everything

Go nuts. When you explore a new Palace, you’ll be acquiring lots of new Personas through Hold Up. Take them back to the Velvet Room, and fuse the shit out of them. Don’t be afraid of losing Personas in bad fusions— you can always pay to get them back from your Compendium. Be sure to Register good Fusion results in your Compendium as well, so you can pass their skills on to future generations.



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