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Gundam Versus Patch 1.08

The details for the much awaited unit buff/nerf patch is finally out! The X3 Striker has finally been nerfed, and quite a few suits have received some much needed buffs!

Also of note is that the under-powered 300 and 200 MSes have received a universal buff to burst gauge gain. Will they finally find their place on the battlefield? Only time will tell!

The patch will be implemented on the Japanese servers on 4th Dec 2017 , 1000hrs JST. You may read the original Japanese patch notes here.

Update Content:

  1. Game system bug fixes
  2. In-game text fixes
  3. Playable unit bug fixes
  4. Burst system changes
  5. Buff/Nerf to Playable units
  6. Buff/Nerf to Strikers


Game system bug fixes
Fixed the bug where players are unable to send messages via the Communication button during battles

In-game text fixes
Corrected the error in texts for the following:

  1. Raider Gundam is now correctly labelled as Earth Federation instead of ZAFT
  2. The ‘Assault Rifle’ in Atlas Gundam’s weapon description has been corrected to ‘Railgun’

Playable unit bug fixes

The bugs for the playable units shown below have been fixed:

  1. Gouf: AB gaining charge when hitting allies
  2. Gundam MkII (Camillie): 2B causing it to totally come to a stop after the attack animation
  3. Kapool: CSA charge gauge not being consumed when being cancelled out fast enough
  4. Barbartos: 4/6 BC inheriting more momentum than intended
  5. Zeydra: Graphic error in his win pose
  6. GP03: GP03’s own hitbox being displaced from its original intended location during Burst attack
  7. Multiple playable units: Attack animation being cut short when changing targets

Burst system changes

  1. All 200 and 300 cost units will gain more Burst gauge when taking damage.
  2. Lightning Gear will recover more boost for both yourself and your ally, and lasts longer.

Buff/Nerf to Playable units

The changes to Playable units are as follow:


  • CSA: Projectile speed increased
  • AC (Lv.2 to MAX): Mobility debuff lasts longer
  • BC: Inherits more momentum
  • 5B~8B: Reduced Down value on the 1st hit, easier to follow up after the last hit
  • 8B: Faster startup
  • 2B~A: Faster startup, increased projectile speed, increased tracking,
  • 2B~A~B: You can input the B earlier, and it has increased tracking.



  • Max HP increased 420>460
  • Red lock range increased
  • Mobility improved
  • BC: Reload -1sec, allows you to dodge incoming attacks
  • 2B: Target cannot tech out after being hit



  • AB (Lv.1 to MAX): Will continue to grab downed targets on hit
  • Any AB (Lv.1 to 2): Increased charging rate, faster start up
  • 8AB (Lv. MAX): Travels further
  • 4/6 AB (Lv. MAX): Faster start up, easier to follow up on hit
  • AC: Faster start up, now has recoil, inherits more momentum
  • BC: Improved tracking, easier to follow up on hit
  • 8B: Added cancel routes to any AB
  • 4/6B: Adjusted the attack animation
  • 2B: Faster attack animation, easier to follow up on the last hit, adjusted camera
  • CC8B: Improved tracking


The O

  • Main: Damage increased (70>75)
  • AB: Decreased proration
  • AC~*B: Improved tracking for the melee moves used after AC
  • 2AC: Inherits more momentum
  • AC~A: Faster projectile speed, does not consume Main ammo anymore


Qubeley Mk.II

  • Mobility improved
  • Red lock range increased
  • CSA: Faster start up, damage increased (102>117), decreased proration on follow up hits
  • AB: Reload time reduced (-0.75sec)
  • AC: Increased projectile speed, easier to follow up on hit, changed to continuous reload, reload time adjusted, changed graphical effect on hit
  • 2B: Target cannot tech out after being hit
  • CC8B: Improved tracking, easier to follow up on hit


Berga Giros

  • AB: Cancel route to BC added
  • AC: Cancel route to BC added
  • BC: Improved tracking
  • BC: Damage increased (1 hit: 75>85)
  • CC8B~A: Proration decreased on A follow up


Barbatos Lupus

  • A: Cancel route to 2B added
  • CSA: Projectile is more difficult to destroyed by enemy attacks
  • AB: Damage increased (106>133)
  • AB: Reload time reduced (- 2 sec)
  • AB: Cancel route to BC added
  • AC: Damage increased (110>120)
  • AC: Reload time reduced (-1 sec)
  • BC~A: Projectile speed increased
  • BC~A: Easier to follow up on hit


Full Armor Gundam

  • AC: Easier to follow up on hit
  • AC: Reload time reduced (-1 sec)
  • BC: Can be step cancelled
  • BC: Reload time reduced (-0.5 sec)
  • BC~AB: Has improved muzzle correction
  • BC~AC: Tracking increased


High Mobility Gelgoog (Vincent)

  • AB: Reload time decreased (-2 sec)
  • AC: Hitbox size increased
  • BC~A: Projectile speed increased
  • BC~A: Cancel route to AB added
  • 4/6B: 2B follow up added
  • 2B: Improved tracking
  • 2B: Travels further
  • CC8B: Pressing A after the final hit will perform the same move as BC~A
  • 5B~2B: Will not down the enemy as easily on the first and second hit
  • 5B~2B: Proration increased after first hit
  • 5B~2B: Damage increased (240>248)


GM Cannon II

  • CSA: Charge time reduced (-1 sec)
  • AB: Ammo increased (2>3)
  • BC: Hitbox size increased
  • BC: Cancel route to AC added
  • CC8B: Tracking improved



  • AC: Projectile speed increased
  • AC: Tracking improved
  • BC: Starts the match fully loaded
  • CSB: Damage increased (183>195)
  • CSB: Projectile speed increased
  • CSB: Hitbox size increased
  • CSB: Inherits more momentum
  • 2B: Tracking improved
  • Burst Attack: Projectile speed increased
  • Burst Attack: Hitbox size increased


Buff/Nerf to Strikers

The changes to Strikers are as follow:

GP01 Full Burnern

  • The 4th hit of this striker does not track the target anymore even if the target performed a cut-tracking action

Crossbone Gundam X3

  • The 2nd hit of this striker does not track the target anymore if the target performed a cut-tracking action before that
  • Harder to follow up on hit