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Part-Time Jobs

Want to work on your attributes, while making some sweet Yen? Part-time jobs are your way to go!

The Convenience Store, Flower Shop and Gyudon Shop jobs are available from the 20th of April onwards. Visit the Underground Passage [地下通路] in Shibuya, and look for the Yen icon markers on the minimap. You’ll find a bunch of leaflets, which you can use to apply for the job of your choice.

Part-time jobs are a good way to gain stats early in the game. I’d recommend doing each job at least once (except the convenience store one), as some Co-op related missions will require you to have worked these jobs at least twice.


Part-Time Job Pay (¥) Attribute Gain Job Requirement
Convenience Store 2800~
Flower Shop 3200~ 2♪ Kindness, 3♪ for fulfilled request 2♪ in Charm
Gyudon Shop 3600~ 2♪
2♪ in Handiness
Newcomer Bar 5400 Varies by customers served 3♪ in Handiness


persona 5 convenience store

Convenience Store

Found on the Central Neighborhood on Shibuya [渋谷・セントラル街], this job pays you a pittance and you don’t gain any Attribute points doing in.

A Mementos mission, <My Cat’s Death Left A Lingering Grudge>[猫は死して恨みを残す], which appears on the 11th of August, requires you to have performed this job as least twice. (Perform this job again to speak with the Convenience Store clerk to start the mission.)


persona 5 flower shop

Flower Shop

In Shibuya’s Station Underground Mall (駅地下モール) is a small flower shop. You’ll be working this part-time job quite often, because of the optimal Kindness gain. You can work here any day of the week, at any time.

A Mementos mission, <The Mindless Assault Incident>(無差別暴行事件を追え), which appears on the 5th of August, will require you to have completed this job at least twice. (Perform this job again to speak with the Flower Shop owner to start the mission.)

Occasionally, you may receive a request to arrange a certain flower bouquet for customers. You will receive more pay and Kindness points for successfully fulfilling the request.

Here’s a list of the correct flowers for each bouquet:

Request Flowers Required
愛を伝えたい 深紅バラ
赤っぽい色の花 深紅のバラ
恩人への感謝の花束 スイート・ジー
還暦祝いの花束 深紅バラ
小ぶりで落ち着いた色の花 ジャストミン
匂いが少なくて大きめの花 ゴールドガーベラ
匂いの強くて派手な花 深紅バラ
派手な色で大きめの花 深紅バラ
友人の子の出産祝い 虹色セージ


persona 5 gyudon

Gyudon Shop

Like at the Flower Shop, you can work this part-time job any day, at any time.

To unlock the Co-op route with The Sun Arcana, you will have to work this job twice after speaking to him in front of the train station at Shibuya.

Occasionally, this job gets busy— a flood of customers will come in, and you will have to remember their orders. Get their orders right and you will get a higher pay for the evening.

Personally, I use my phone to take pictures of the requests as they come in, for easier reference later.


persona 5 newcomer bar

Newcomer Bar

Found in Shibuya, this bar starts hiring in the second quarter of the game.

You will have to start the Co-op route with the Devil Arcana to begin this part-time job.

What attributes you gain while working here is dependent on the customers you choose to speak with on your shift.

Customer Attribute Gained
ナイトドレスの女性 Charm ♪2
怖そうなおじさん Courage ♪2
赤い顔のサラリーマン Knowledge ♪2
うつむいている女性 Kindness ♪2
黒いスーツのOL Handiness ♪2


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