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Like with past Persona games, Parameters are a key part of the game’s side story progression. Many Cooperations require you to have attained certain Parameter ranks in order to continue their story. In other words, the faster and more efficiently you can raise your Parameters, the more of the game’s Cooperations you can complete in a single play-through.

Here’s a list of the Parameters, and their rank names in Japanese:

Lvl Knowledge










1 平均的 人並み なくもない 控え目 ぎこちない
2 物知り 気になる存在 男らしい 聞き上手 そこそこ
3 インテリ 注目株 筋金入り 人情家 職人級
4 博識 カリスマ 大胆不敵 かけこみ寺 凄腕
5 知恵の泉 魔性の男 ライオンハート 慈母神 超魔術

And the ever in-demand list of required points to rank up:

Parameter Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5
Knowledge 20 47 72 105
Courage 6 16 31 64
Handiness 8 21 38 55
Kindness 9 28 56 82
Charisma 4 32 56 79

An interesting change to Persona 5 is that certain Cooperations allow you to raise Parameters while spending time with them.

In addition, the Fortune Cooperation ability ‘Good Luck Fortune Telling’ reportedly provides a 50% bonus to parameter gains for the day.

These will all be listed below, along with every conceivable way you can raise each Parameter.


  • Answering questions in class (+1) & test questions correctly
  • Doing the crossword in Le Blanc +2
  • Studying in the School Library, Knowledge +1, occasionally Courage +1 as well (more on rainy days)
  • Answering TV Quizzes correctly, does not cost time +1
  • Studying at the Family Restaurant on Shibuya Central, Knowledge +2 (+1 extra on rainy days), plus:
    • Hot Coffee (ホットコーヒー): Courage +1
    • Grand Hamburger (グランドマザーバーグ): Kindness +1
    • Pururun Fresh Tea (ぷるるんフルーツティ): Charisma +1
    • Totem Pole (トーテムポール): Handiness +1 (becomes available at the end of September)
  • Study on the first floor of Le Blanc +2 (more on rainy days)
  • Books (must read twice to complete, +3)
    • “The Menace of Medjed” (メジエドの脅威)
    • “Words of the Wise” (凄訳賢人たちの言葉)
    • “The Great Thief Arsene” (大怪盗・アルセーヌ)
  • Watch the movie “Back To The Ninja” (バック・トゥ・ザ・ニンジャ), showing on Yongenjaya from Oct-Nov, +3
  • Study with your comrades before tests +3


  • Use the bath house on Yongenjaya at night
    • Regular days: +2
    • If you use the bath house on a Monday or Thursday, medicated bath +3
    • If you use the bath house on a rainy day, you can choose to stay in the water longer: +3 Charisma OR +1 Courage
  • Do well in exams +3
  • Books (must read twice to complete, +3)
    • “The Voluptuous Dancer” (妖艶の踊り子)
    • “The Art Of Charismatic Speaking” (魅惑の会話術)
    • “The Savage Lady-Killer” (色男蛮勇録)
  • Play the video game “Hang In There, Goemon!” (はったれ五右衛門) +2
  • Watch the following DVDs (watch twice to complete)
    • “Life on Extravagant Hill” (バブリーヒル高校白書) 2 Charisma per viewing
    • “Hungry Betty” (ハングリーベティ) 3 Charisma per viewing
  • Drink Vegetariano (ベジタリアーノ) at the Drink Stand on Sundays
  • Visit the Maid Cafe on Akihabara, pick the option “permit” (許す), +2 Charisma +1 Kindness
  • Work the Newcomer Bar Part-time job at Shinjuku, , talk to the lady in the Night Dress (ナイトドレス) +2
  • Dodge chalk thrown at you in class +2
  • Sun Cooperation
  • Devil Cooperation


  • Books (Courage +3 for completion)
    • The Rumored Spirit Adventure (噂の心霊体験), read twice to complete
    • The Pirate Legend (海賊伝説), read twice to complete
    • The Legendary Thief (伝承の義賊), read twice to complete
    • The Mythical Cthulhu (クトゥルフの嘆き), read twice to complete
    • The Valiant Swordsman (剣豪武勇譚), read three times to complete
  • DVDs (watch twice to complete)
    • X-Folder (Xフォルダー) Courage +2 per viewing
    • The Running Dead (ランニングデッド)  Courage +3 per viewing
  • Studying in the School Library, Knowledge +1, occasionally Courage +1 as well (more on rainy days)
  • Hot Coffee (ホットコーヒー) at the Family Restaurant on Shibuya Central: Knowledge +2, Courage +1
  • Bath house on Yongenjaya on Rainy Days, choose to stay in longer, occasionally +1
  • Big Bang Burger Challenge
    • Comet Burger: fail the challenge Courage +1, succeed and Knowledge +1, Charisma +1, Handiness +1
    • Gravity Burger: fail the challenge Courage+2, succeed and Knowledge +2, Charisma +2, Handiness +2
    • Cosmos Tower Burger: fail the challenge Courage +3, succeed and Knowledge +3, Charisma +3, Handiness +3 (after beating this challenge, +3 to Courage every attempt)
  • Watch the movie “Tanktop Millionaire” (タンクトップ・ミリオネア) showing at Shibuya in April, +3
  • Video game: Star Forneus, play 3 times to clear, each play Courage +2
  • Death Cooperation
  • During the events of the Nijima Palace, draw the Phantom Thieves of Heart mark on the blackboard in your class, Courage +1


  • Books (read twice to complete, Handiness +3
    • The Girl Who Dodged The Darkness (闇を駆ける女)
    • Calming Your Heart (心がおちつく片付け法)
  • Craft Infiltration Tools, Handiness +2 (when making more than 2 tools, chance to gain additional Handiness +1)
  • Watch the movie “Mansion Impossible” (マンション・インポッシブル) showing in Shibuya in Oct. Handiness +3
  • DVDs  (watch twice to complete)
    • Mac The Expedition Rascal (探検野郎マック) Handiness +2 per viewing
    • Prison Break (牢獄ブレイク) Handiness +3 per viewing
  • Batting Center, Handiness +1, additional Handiness +1 for 5 clean hits
  • Gyudon Part-Time job, Handiness +2
  • Vegeteriano at the Drink Stand
  • Work the Newcomer Bar Part-time job at Shinjuku, speak to the (黒いOL), Handiness +2
  • Hanged Man Cooperation


  • Books (read twice to complete, Kindness +3 upon completion)
    • The Great Thief Zoro (大盗賊・ゾロ読破)
    • The Phantom Priestess (幻の女教皇読破)
    • The Tale of Old Speckles (ブチ公物語)
    • They Call Me Boss (親分と呼ばれり)
  • DVDs (Watch twice to complete)
    • With Ghost (WITHゴースト), Kindness +2 per viewing
    • Emergency Doctor (救急ドクター), Kindness +3 per viewing
  • Grand Hamburger (グランドマザーバーグ): Knowledge +2 Kindness +1
  • Flower Shop part-time job, Kindness +2, +1 additional for a fulfilled request
  • Movies
    • Dark Bite Hiding (ダークバイトハイジング, Dark Knight parody) (Shibuya, May-Jun), Kindness +3 first viewing, +1 every other time
    • The Goodfather (グッドファーザー) (Yongenjaya, Aug-Sept) Kindness +3
    • The Damengers (ダメンジャーズ, Avengers parody name) (Shinjuku in Oct) Kindness +3
  • Video Game: (垢太郎鉄道), 3 plays to complete, Kindness +2 each play
  • Take care of the plant in your house
    • Use Garden Energy (ガーデンエナジーを使用), Kindness +1
    • Use Fertilizer (植物栄養剤を使用 ), Kindness +2
    • Use Organic Fertilizer (天然・植物栄養剤を使用), Kindness+3
  • Hierophant Cooperation, Kindness +3 at Ranks 2 & 4
  • Tower Cooperation

Events Requiring Parameters


Parameter Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5


Priestess Route Start Star Rank 7


Death Route Start Temperance Route Start Hanged Man Route Start Hanged Man Rank 7


Emperor Rank 5 Empress Route Start


Lovers Rank 2 Hermit Route Start Hierophant Rank 6


Star Route Start Death Rank 8 Priestess Rank 5



  • Certain part-time jobs require Parameter ranks to begin (more details on the part-time jobs page)

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  • Theralion

    Just wondering, but are the numbers for each parameter rank the total required number, or what you need to progress from the previous rank? For example, the former would mean that you need a total of 47 points to reach Rank 3 Knowledge(20 from Rank 1 to 2, and an additional 27 to get from Rank 2 to 3), but the latter would mean that it would take 67 points (20 from Rank 1 to 2, and an additional 47 for Rank 2 to 3).

    • Kuanyi Twang

      Hi Theralion,

      It's the latter, unfortunately.

      The good news is that raising parameters in P5 is easier than ever before. You should be able to easily max everything, while still getting a rank 10 with most confidantes by the end of the game.

      Good luck!

      • Theralion

        Kuanyi Twang,

        Thanks. A lot of those features sound quite convenient.

        Incidentally, I'm following two people playing through Persona 5 on YouTube and both of them seem to have about a 3 in every stat- one's up to September, and the other's in October (after the fifth Palace). Both of them have only maxed out Ann's Social Link at this point, so maybe they're not making all that good use of their in-game time.

        • Kuanyi Twang

          Man, that's really bad. I wonder what they spend their time doing, lol.

  • Tvm

    The fortune telling for stats is weird. I got the Kindness fortune telling one and when i went to the dinner i got +2 gut and +2 knowledge.
    Also, if it's a 50% increase then does the game keep track of the half points?

    • Kuanyi Twang

      Hi! Yeah it's kinda weird. Most people recommend using the fortune telling for social links because they seem to give the biggest benefit.

      Not sure exactly how stuff is calculated!

    • Tvm

      Thanks for replying! The confidant boost is awesome. Save so much time.

      About the social stats boost, I have a theory. I think that the notes aren't equal in value. One note is +1 but the second note is +2 and the third note is +3. That 6 points in total if you get 3 notes. Base on this assumption, the fortune telling should be a +2 in my opinion. This explain why you get 2 notes after using fortune telling on activities that normally give 1 note. On activities that give 2 notes, the +2 from fortune telling isn't enough to show another note. Same goes for 3 notes activities.

      I will test this theory later. It may be complete nonsense though.

      • Kuanyi Twang

        Ayyyy! Good theory. Do let me know how it works out :)

        • Tvm

          Testing proved that my theory is wrong. Thouh it is interesting to note that 2 2-notes events give less points than 4 1-note ones. 1-
          -note activities under fortune blessing equal 2-notes activities. 2 notes under fortune blessing is less than 3 notes. 3 notes under fortune blessing is a lot, maybe more than 4 1-note activites.

  • Brian

    All the confidant links off this are broken.

    I'm not sure if this is the right way to tell you.

    Awesomely useful info regardless!

  • Theralion

    You need 5 Proficiency for Empress Rank 2 (the part where Haru needs your help with the planters). The first rank has no requirements. Similarly, you need 4 kindness for the second rank of the Hermit confidant, since the first rank is given automatically.

    Incidentally, I've noticed that, like in P4, if your social parameters are relatively low, you may not get the maximum number of affection points with a Confidant, even if you choose the right answer with a matching Persona.

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