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New Game+

There’s a tornado of misinformation regarding what carries over in New Game+, so I figured I’d translate all of this stuff sooner rather than later.

Here’s a list of what you can bring over into your New Game+, the special Cooperation rank 10 items you get at the end game, and additional things you can do in your next play-through.

Stuff That Carries Over

  • Parameters
  • Persona Compendium
  • Equipment (Those of your comrades too)
  • Skill Cards
  • Money
  • Playtime

Stuff That Does NOT Carry Over

  • Main Character and Comrade levels
  • Cooperation ranks
  • Equipped Personas
  • All items outside of equipment
  • Consumable items, outside of Valentine’s chocolates

Christmas Presents And Farewell Gifts

Near the end of the game, you may choose to spend Christmas with any Cooperation rank 10 girl. She will give you a Christmas present, which carries over to New Game +. Having the item in your possession allows you to gain Cooperation ranks with her more easily.

Right before the end of the game, you may visit characters you have reached Cooperation rank 10 with. They will give you items that you can bring with you into your next play-through.

Having these items in your possession allows you to access certain Cooperation abilities, as listed below:

Arcana/Character Item Effect Location
The Fool/Igor
The Magician/Morgana Morgana’s Scarf Steal items from the enemy when attacking with your Main Character (triggers randomly)
Priestess/Makoto Puchimaru-kun’s Calculator View enemy skills and item drops during Analysis Aoyama Itchome Station
Empress/Haru Coffee-dyed Handkerchief Vegetables can be cultivated quicker Shibuya Central
Emperor/Yusuke The Painting Of Desire And Hope Make any skill card Shibuya Station Underground Street
Hierophant/Sojiro Recipe Note Coffe and curry-making unlocked Le Blanc
Lovers/Anne Magazine With Anne On The Cover If negotiations with an enemy during Hold Up fail, reset your last answer and re-enter negotiations (triggers randomly) Shibuya Underground Mall
Chariot/Ryuji Sports Watch Paper Fan Recovery- Remove negative status effects from teammates by slapping them with a paper fan (triggers randomly) Arcade in Shibuya Central
Hermit/Futaba Promise Note Field Support always unlocked (Treasure reboot and Mementos scan) Le Blanc
Fortune/Chihaya Tarot Cards Of Fate All fortune-telling methods unlocked Shinjuku
Strength/Caroline & Justine Prisoner’s Cell Key All fusion methods unlocked Shibuya Central
Hanged Man/Iwai Gecko Tile All gun customizations unlocked Shibuya Central
Death/Tae Dog Tag All items available for purchase at the Clinic Medical Clinic
Temperance/Sadayo Endless Coupons Special Massages unlocked School Gate
Devil/Oya Top-Secret Memo Your alert level in Palaces will always be zero Newcomer Bar
Tower/Shinya Gun Controller All gun techniques unlocked Arcade in Akihabara
Star/Hifumi Spear Shogi Piece Run from battle instantly Kanda
Moon/Yuki Report Outline All EXP up effects from Mishima’s route unlocked Akihabara
Sun/Toranosuke High-Grade Fountain Pen Hold up negotiations unlocked Shibuya Station Plaza
Judgment/Sae Yongenjaya Alleyway


Other Stuff You Can Do In New Game+

  • Fight Caroline & Justine
  • Fuse the Persona ‘Satanael’
  • Unlock the ‘Very Hard’ difficulty

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  • Golgom

    Wait, say if I do another NG+, will I lose the Farewell gifts from my first playthrough?

    • Kuanyi Twang

      That's a really good question! I don't know, but I'm inclined to say you will get to keep the gifts. Because they are transferred over to your new game, it shouldn't matter if it came from your last game as well.

  • Irfan

    I'm curious. After I complete the NG+, will I be able to play a new game and carry over the new stuff like money and equipment?

    • Kuanyi Twang

      Hi Irfan! As mentioned in the guide, yes, money and equipment will be carried over.

  • Irfan

    I mean like I'm currently playing the NG+, after I complete the NG+, will there be another NG+ after you completed a NG+?

    • KenRock

      Irfan good question because right now i mess up my 1st play. Thinking about maxing all to 10 on NG+ on easy and play NG+ on super hard after I unlock everything. That way i have more free time and don't need to study and just have fun for once.

  • Juniel

    In regards to Futaba's item, Field Support is her stat buff isn't it? The one that happens randomly in combat? So I would assume that means you'd get those buffs any time in the game (even before you meet her).

    And speaking of, is there some kind of criteria that determines when she comes in with Field Support? Or is it just random?

    • KingKaine

      Futaba's gift gives treasure reboot and mementos scan.
      Occasional renewal of treasures after beating an enemy, and chance to scan the entire current floor of mementos when you enter it.

      • Kuanyi Twang

        Super helpful! Thank you!

  • Tsuyoshi

    Its Ann no Anne!!!

    • Kuanyi Twang

      Sorry! I wrote this guide before the English version was released, and the name had not been made official :) Technically in Japanese, her name is An!

  • John

    I notice that Ohya's "Legendary Scoop" from "Interview Notes" does not prevent palace alert levels from rising and does not keep them at zero, despite what the game text inclined me to believe. I think it makes more sense to say it decreases the rate of palace alert levels. Because I usually cleared palaces in 1 or 2 days, I did not notice whether alerts after a day dropped to zero, if that is what the game text meant.

    Equipped Persona do not carry over!? If you want to keep a persona in the next game, do you have to release it? My Satan learned a skill I wanted right after the final boss battle when I could no longer register it.

    Medicine: Wow... I bought way too much takemedic supplies for this first playthrough, so those don't carry over either...?

    I would have liked the ability to switch out party members rather than be able to escape battles and have Futaba's active support than the scanning and resetting... Oh well.

    • Kuanyi Twang

      Hahaha. Thanks for the note- will change it when I can!

      Equipped Persona doesnt carry over. Only your compendium does. Register it next time!

  • Renan

    How do i use those key itens, they´re in my pocket but i don´t know how to use it

    • Kuanyi Twang

      I haven't played in awhile, but I don't think you need to use them. Just having them gives you the effects.