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New DLC Confirmed! New info on Pixie and Efreet (Schneid’s unit)!

The official announcement dropped in the latest Famitsu magazine for the two new DLC that was rumored just yesterday.

RX78-XX Gundam Pixie
Cost: 300








Pixie is armed with a 90mm Machine Gun used for mid-range suppressing fire. Flinch your target and dash in for a melee combo!

Beam Dagger (Throw) will stun your enemy on hit. You can input up, left or right and Main to execute a jump and throw a second dagger.
Pixie’s Special Movement attack is a dashing action towards your target with Shooting Guard.



MS-08TX/S Efreet (Schneid’s Unit)
Cost: 300







Schneid’s preference for melee resulted in him using a Heat Lance instead of the usual Heat Sabre. The Heat Lance has long reach, allowing him to gain the upper hand during melee combat.

The Efreet is also equipped with a Shotgun and a 35mm Gatling Gun as range options.
The Smoke Discharger releases a cloud of smoke around Efreet, and causes incoming attacks to lose tracking capabilities.


Pixie will be released in late January, and Efreet (Schneid’s Unit) will join the fray in early February.