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Madarame Palace


  • Take the passage on the right and Parkour your way to the open window
  • Observe the paintings the camera zooms in on
  • Take the map in the lobby area
  • In the big hall, observe the giant golden structure


  • Enemy Shadows:
    • Hua Po (weak to pierce and ice, reflects fire)
    • Mokoi (weak to wind, resist electric)
    • Apsaras (weak to electric, resist ice)
    • Koropokkuru (weak to fire, resist pierce, ice, and wind)
    • Regent (weak to psychic and nuclear, null light and dark, resist everything else)
    • Onmoraki (weak to pierce and light, resist fire, null dark)
    • Mid Boss A (weak to fire, resist ice and dark)
    • Mid Boss B (resist fire, light, dark, reflect wind)
    • Koppa Tengu (weak to ice and light, resist wind)
    • Jack Frost (weak to fire, null ice)
    • Nue (weak to fire, resist ice, null dark)
    • Inugami (weak to wind, null fire and dark)
    • Mid Boss C (weak to nuclear, null strike, pierce, dark, light)
  • Enter the same way you came in the first time
  • Slide under the lasers when prompted
  • Make your way into the same room with the giant golden structure, but go through the door at the back
  • Safe room!
  • Navigate through the maze of paintings to get to the stairs at the top of the map
  • Walk past the golden vase.
  • Use your third eye to find a climbing spot near the wall. Walk all around the edge till you find a place to drop.
  • Third eye, find the glowing button on the wall. Hit it to free Ann, and talk to her to have her rejoin your party
  • Climb back up the scaffolding, and drop down when you see glowing footsteps and a painting with your third eye. Observe the painting and hit the button behind it to free Ryuji. Speak to him to have him rejoin your party.
  • Look for a glowing hole in the wall to climb through. Drop down into the security room, and observe the computer.
  • Leave the room, and listen in on the guard’s conversation. Return to the security room and enter the password into the computer. Note: they automatically remember the number for you.
  • Return to the golden vase, and speak to Morgana to have him join your party.
  • Break the golden vase to release a gem stone. Chase it down and beat it in combat for good money and EXP. Or don’t, no big deal.
  • Walk into the new area. Use the third eye in the “dead end” to  find a place to scale the wall. Drop down into the room with an optical illusion.
  • There should be loot in the male and female bathrooms. Make your way to the safe room at the top.
  • Make your way down the long corridor. Watch out for the female Shadows.
  • Upon entering the next area, an electric fence comes up and some tough shadows spawn. Sneak your way around the room and dispose of them.
  • Use your third eye to identify the glowing painting, and hit the button behind it. Go through the opened door.
  • Walk down the long corridor through the Japanese doors. Morgana says that’s it for today. Important: go back to the nearby safe room in the same area to save your data and return to the Palace entrance, so you can return to this same spot next time.

5/19 onwards

  • Once the doors are open, fight the mid-boss. He’s weak to the Nuclear attribute, but you probably don’t have that. Just beat him up.
  • Go into the security room on the left and use the glowing computer to turn off the lasers.
  • Walk down the corridors towards the exclamation mark. You’ll be obstructed by a mid-boss fight. Kill the extra 4 with Mabufu or Bufu, and then beat down on the boss with your best Physical attacks. End of this run.

5/20 onwards

  • Set your party and then teleport to the last used safe room.
  • Walk down the corridor and grab the map. There is a big treasure chest on the left of the map. Go right and through the small rooms in the central part of the map, and then left to end up in the biggest area.
  • Keep your third eye on. Start out going left through the laser gap, and make your way to the top of the map. You’ll see a big lopsided bamboo painting. Observe it twice to hop into it.
  • Go left, then jump the gap and exit the painting. Walk on the ledge and find a small hole to crawl through, leading into a room with a button waiting to be pressed.
  • Fight the boss in the next room. He’s immune to Physical attacks, so hit him with your best elemental magic spells.
  • Observe the computer in the security room. You’re gonna need a password to go further. Go back outside and you’ll overhear a conversation between two guards. From there, go towards the south part of the map near the entrance, and observe the giant statue of Madarame (it’s the big white rectangle on the map). Go back to the security room and key in the password, disabling lasers and opening shutters.
  • You can either kill the shadows here first, or just make a beeline straight for the newly opened area on the right. Safe room!
  • Go into the room of paintings. Enter the painting of the desert, then the one of Mt. Fuji, and then the one of the jungle. Exit the jungle painting and hit the button to unlock a new painting.
  • Go back into the jungle painting and scale the rock to make it to the painting of a ship. Do not engage the Kraken: it will knock you out of the paintings and you’ll have to start all over. Instead, climb down the fishing net out of the painting and hit the button.
  • Go left, and re-enter the Desert painting. Enter the Mt. Fuji painting, and enter the Tori gate. You’ll end up in the jungle painting. Climb the rock and you’ll enter an Autumn painting. Exit the painting and proceed to the next room.
  • Make your way through this fairly straightforward area towards the door on the North East area of the map.
  • There’s no map for this area, so I’ll do my best to explain this. Jump down the ledge and there is a fork: go right for a treasure chest, then climb the area straight ahead to proceed. Go through the blue door and then descend the stairs to go through another blue door.
  • Climb down the stairs and you’ll see two paintings of Sayuri. Go to the one on the right (she has a red dress on) and pick 「本物」to indicate this is the real one. A blue door will turn gold. Climb up the ledges and enter the golden door.
  • You’ll see 4 Sayuri paintings in the next area. Ignore the first two and pick the third one (sakura branch in the background). The gate ahead will turn gold. Enter it.
  • In the next area you’ll see 4 Sayuri paintings. Do not be fooled- they are all fakes. Make your way past them, and then more fake Sayuris, until you see a blue door. Jump down the ledge and you’ll see one last fake Sayuri painting. Walk past it and you’ll find the real Sayuri. Walk through the blue door, then descend the stairs and enter the golden door. Ann will excitedly tell you you’re in a new area. Yay.
  • Make your way forward and you’ll see a room containing Madarame’s treasure. After the cutscene, head left and use the safe room, then go straight up into the security room. Fiddle with the computer until you’re forced into a battle.
  • Go back past the safe room, and go down the corridor on the right. You’ll eventually end up in an area with a safe room, and another room with a ledge you can climb- find it with your third eye. Make your way down the scaffolding and trigger a cutscene.
  • Hit the big red button in the same room, and you’re done for the day. Go back into the nearby safe room and get out.

Final Fight

  • Enter the same room as before, and hit the same red button. The room’s door is now locked- get back on the scaffolding and leap through the open blue window. Leap your way down the stairs (3rd eye to see where the jump points are) and go through the red door.
  • After the cutscene, you’re thrown into a boss fight.
    • First form: fairly standard. Destroy all 4 face parts to proceed. His eyes and nose absorb magic attacks, while his mouth absorbs physical attacks.
    • After beating his first form, he will be in a more vulnerable state. Beat down on him with your best attacks, and after a certain number of turns he’ll return to his picture face form.
    • The good news is he’ll have less hp this time. The bad news is, he has some new annoying moves. He can revive downed face parts, and he has a new attack that lets him paint you black, making you have a weakness to all attack types. Once you beat him, he’ll return to the regular Madarame again, ready for another beat down.
    • On the third time he turns into the picture face form, you’ll unlock a special tactic that will let you paint Madarame black. Doing so makes him vulnerable to all attack types, so score downs on all his face parts to get an all-out attack.
    • Repeat the process of fighting face parts and Madarame until he is dead. Shouldn’t take more than 3 rotations. Morgana is a great healer, and Yusuke has a powerful physical attack that really helps with damage dealing. Good luck!

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