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Kaneshiro Palace


  • Just walk down the corridors into the meeting room, as directed. Mid-boss fight against two sets of Oni, who resistance Physical attacks. Ann seems to inflict burn upon them easily with Agi, so follow up with Garu to score technical damage.
  • After the fights, run towards the entrance you came in from, triggering a cutscene. After the cutscene, you’ll have another fight against 2 Oni and a Suiki, who is weak to Nuclear and absorbs Ice. Hit them with your best magic attacks and you should be fine. End of today’s exploration.

6/21 onwards


  • High Pixie (Weak to pierce and nuclear, resist lightning and wind)
  • Oni (No weaknesses, physical resistance)
  • Orutoros (Weak to ice, absorbs fire, resists nuclear)
  • Angel (Weak to dark, resist lightning, null light)


  • Observe the front door which Makoto wrecked, then observe the Piggybank statue on the right side of the courtyard to reveal a secret entrance.
  • All of the doors in the main area are now locked, but there is a treasure chest in the area behind the bank tellers. Enter the room on the left and you’ll see a short cutscene showing an elevator you can’t use. Bummer. There’s another treasure chest in this room, in the small area below the staircase.
  • Climb the stairs and you’ll see that dog shadows exist. Defeat it or avoid it, and make your way down the corridor. All the doors are locked, so for now just go to the end of the corridor where you will find a button that you can press to open a shutter gate.
  • Do not go through the new path, though- it leads back to the entrance. Go back towards the central area of the map, and use your third eye to see a bunch of filing cabinets you can climb up. Climb through the air duct and drop down into a fight with 4 horsies. Hope you have Kouha.
  • After the fight, you pick up a map of the area and a key card. Open the main door with your key card, and go back to the door that was previously locked. Open it and you’ll find an elevator shaft. Ride the elevator down into the next area.
  • Once the elevator stops, crawl through the air duct, and then jump down to reach the ground floor. Minor talking cutscene. Venture into the unexplored red area and you’ll find a safe room. Go down the parallel corridor and you’ll see security cameras overhead. Don’t stand in the spotlight or your alert meter will go up. You can use your third eye to see the lights more clearly. Get to the end of the corridor and destroy the switch, disabling the cameras.
  • Keep going down the corridor, but instead of going straight for the staircase at the north west of the map, go south at that junction , then west and north where you will find a fight against a red shadow (5 angels). Beat them and enter the small room with a switch. Destroy the switch, disabling a security camera.
  • From there, go to the room in the south west of the map. You’ll find another switch to destroy. Now you can finally go up those stairs in peace.
  • You’ll first go past a room with 3 money bags inside, but they are being guarded by security cameras. Walk down the corridor till you’re on the opposite side of the wall- you’ll find a panel to destroy, disabling the security cameras. Go back for your loot, then go through the room above the safe room.
  • When you open the door, you’ll see another door to open. Open it. Walk forward a bit and you’ll find yet another door. Open that too. You’ll be in a huge room with stairs.
  • Attempt to enter the room at the top. This triggers some electric fences. For now, make your way to the bottom right of the stairs (careful of the cameras), and through into the next corridor. Use your third eye to find a spot to jump down in the very bottom right of this room. Jump down and head down the corridor, and you’ll see a big vault. Go past it and up the stairs, and unlock the door at the top of the stairs. Don’t go through that door, though- Instead, proceed further and enter a small room. Third eye find a spot to jump up, and climb through the air duct into a room with a treasure chest, a door to unlock, and two switches to destroy. Break the switches and all the security cameras and electric fences will go down. Go back to the room at the top of the stairs that was previously inaccessible, and a cut scene will play. You’ll be teleported to a security room, where Makoto will lure one shadow to. Mid-boss fight, just hit him with magic.
  •  After that fight you’ll go back to the previous area, with another mid-boss fight. This guy is weak to nuclear so killing him should be easy.
  • Once you’ve disposed of him, you get a map of the next area. Head back to the bottom right area where you previously jumped off the pipes, and return to the giant vault. The vault will open, leading to the next area.


  • Yakushini (weak to nuclear)
  • Ryanansi (weak to fire, resist wind and psychic)


  • Proceed down the corridor, turn left and then through the south door. You’ll have to go through a long corridor with two shadows, and security cameras that fade in and out. Use cover to take out the shadows quickly and try not to alert the cameras. At the end of the corridor is a room with a small air duct to crawl through.
  • On the other end of the air duct is a narrow ledge. Climb across it, then drop down and crawl back the way you came to find another air duct.
  • Crawl through the air duct and ride the elevator.
  • You’ll see a short cutscene of Kaneshiro talking to a shadow. Head down the stairs (I had a lot better loot going down the left side, but I recommend doing both sides) and confront Kaneshiro for a boss fight.
  • The guy in the middle is weak to psychic, and the guy on the left is weak to nuclear. Beat them and ride the elevator to proceed to the next area.


  • Rakshasa (weak to wind and light, resist physical, fire, and dark)


  • This section is going to be the most popular in the entire guide. Passcodes are a bitch.
  • Once you’re out of the elevator, use the safe room and then observe the computer panel. It’ll tell you to enter a passcode for the word RICH, but let me save you the trouble: it’s 0102.
  • Proceed to the next area and down the stairs. At the dead end on the left is a piggy bank with passcode clues. Head up the stairs and you’ll see another passcode terminal, for the word REAP. 0931.
  • Kaneshiro will shout stuff at you, and you will be teleported back to the large vault area. Head into the newly opened area 3.
  • Head down the stairs, watch out for the security cameras. Destroy the switch past the cameras and disable them. Move forward and open the door to reveal a room with electric fences. There is a pig with passcode clues inside. Exit the room, use your third eye just outside the room and find the ledge to climb. Crawl through the air duct into the electric fence room, and open the big treasure chest if you have a lock pick. Head to the south west of the room and crawl through another air duct. Climb the stairs and proceed down the hallways (watch out for security cameras). You’ll find a clue pig at the end.
  • Proceed further and you’ll find a passcode terminal for the word HUGE. 2319.
  • You’ll be teleported back into the big vault area. Go into the newly opened space and there will be a passcode terminal guarded by a mid boss- Takeminakata accompanied by two Oni. Takeminakata is weak to Psychic.
  • After the fight, play around with the two panels in the room until the walls line up, leading to the next area.
  • Just move forward, down the stairs and into the warehouse. You can climb up the shelves to find treasure chests and avoid shadows. Make your way to the bottom left of the warehouse, where you will find an air duct. Crawl through and once on the other side open the shutters with your key card. Proceed down the hallway and watch out for security cameras, destroy whatever switched you can find. At the top right of the map is a piggy bank with passcode clues.
  • The last piggybank clue
  • Head to the bottom right (the big exclamation mark) and key in the passcode for the final word: GOLD. (1841)

Boss Fight: Kaneshiro

First form

HP: 1200

No weaknesses and resistances

He attacks twice per turn. When near death, he will use an attack that causes the Fear status.

Second form

HP: 2500

No weaknesses and resistances

Uses a lot of attacks that hit all party members.


You start off fighting Kaneshiro, then his Pig Robot, and finally Kaneshiro standing on top of the Pig Robot.

The first form is easy to beat, so conserve your SP for the later parts of the battle.

His Pig Robot has a lot of high damaging moves, so use Tarunda to weaken it, and keep your team healthy with spells like Media. You can also remove the Fear status he can cause using Queen’s Energy Shower.

When his HP drops to 1/3, they’ll combine into Super VIP Form. They gain access to a new attack that may kill your entire party in one-hit. Look out for the cues that the attack is coming, and make sure you command your team to guard the attack.

Once you’ve beaten the Super VIP Form, you’ve pretty much won. Yay.




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