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Kamoshida Palace

The very first Palace you’ll have to conquer. This one is fairly straightforward in terms of puzzles, so really you shouldn’t be too stuck. Some beginner pointers:

(Note: All of this only applicable from the 4/18 onwards, everything before that is tutorial easy street)

  1. Stock up on SP items from the Clinic on Yongenjaya, and from vending machines (also around Yongenjaya). How far you can go in one Palace run is directly related to how much SP you have to knock down enemies.
  2. Learn to sneak around corners effectively. The weird thing about this game is that even if you are hiding in plain sight (e.g. crouched behind a wall but right in front of a Shadow) they wont see you. Score chance encounters for much easier battles.
  3. Try and get as many elemental attacks ASAP, especially Bufu for the ice element since none of your party members have it. You will need it to beat Beriths. Play around with fusions and try to get the four basic elements, making your dungeon runs much easier.



  • In the prison cell, observe everything until you trigger a cutscene.
  • Fight the Jack O Lantern
  • Make your way towards the South East of the map, and climb the spiral staircase.
  • Go down the hall and find the cell containing Morgana.
  • Go through the tutorial battles with Morgana.
  • Proceed ahead with more battles, until you reach the safe room, which you can use to return to the real world. Forced end of today’s exploration.


  • View the cutscene event at the banquet hall
  • Go up the spiral staircase on the top left. Proceed further and Ryuji will give you some items. Save in the nearby safe room.
  • Go down the hall and through the door on the right.
  • In this area, you will find more tutorials. Finish them, and then proceed through the only door at the end.
  • Look into all the cells, and after viewing all the horrific scenes, you will be allowed to proceed further.
  • You’ll be forced into an unwinnable battle, after which another fun cutscene, and a real battle. After this battle, you can return to the real world. Forced end of today’s exploration.


  • Enemy Shadows:
    • Pyro Jack (weak to pierce, ice, and wind, absorbs fire)
    • Pixie (weak to pierce, ice, and dark, resists electric and light)
    • Mandrake (weak to fire, resists electric)
    • Bicorn (weak to electric, resists dark)
    • Incubus (weak to pierce and light, resists dark)
    • Mid-Boss A (resists pierce and dark)
    • Mid-Boss B (weak to fire, resists strike, electric, wind)
  • Infiltrate the palace through the familiar small window
  • Go up into a small rectangular room, which will trigger a fight with a Pixie. Beat her in battle to acquire her as a Persona.
  • From here, an event will trigger if you go into the room on the left. Prior to that you can go up through the larger room, and into the safe room in the North West. Your choice, really.
  • Once you do trigger the event, follow Morgana’s directions and you’ll view a cutscene. In the following battle, use Agi to knock the enemies down. If you have Jack O Lantern as a Persona, use him!
  • After this battle, you can return to the real world. Forced end of today’s exploration.

4/18 onwards

  • Enemy Shadows:
    • Agathion (weak to wind, resists pierce, electric)
    • Silky (weak to fire and electric, resists ice)
    • Kelpie (weak to electric, resists ice)
    • Berith (weak to ice, resists fire, null pierce)
    • Mid-Boss Archangel (resists fire, ice, electric, and light)
    • Eligor (weak to electric, resists pierce, fire, dark, null light)
    • Andras (weak to pierce and fire, resists ice)
    • Succubus (weak to pierce and light, resits fire, null dark)
  • At the Palace entrance, you’ll receive the ability to fuse Personas, and the incredibly useful Third Eye. Press L2 to see hidden items and more importantly, special accessible areas.
  • Enter at the last used Safe room, and climb the nearby spiral staircase. Enter the room represented on the map with many little rectangles, and use your third eye to see 2 blue levers. Pull them.
  • Leave the room and proceed down the only corridor. Enter the large room, and use your third eye to find a bookshelf to climb up on. Walk on the upper levels and jump on the chandelier to get to the opposite side of the room, where you can drop down. Watch out for the shadow that waits in ambush on the chandelier.
  • Proceed further until you find the nearby safe room. After leaving the safe room, you will get another tutorial explaining the various colors Shadows appear in when viewed with the third eye.
  • Keep going towards the North East area of the map. Eventually you’ll end up in a room that is seemingly a dead end. Use your third eye to find an air duct to climb through into the next area.
  • From the high ground comes a tutorial on how to land sneak attacks from above. It’s over, Anakin. After that tutorial comes another tutorial, covering shadows who beg for their lives.
  • Once you’ve circled around to the area near the spiral staircase leading to the next area, you’ll see the other side of the door that was previously locked. You can open this door from this side, opening a shortcut. That you will probably never have to use. Do it anyways.
  • Climb the spiral staircase and use the safe room at the top. From this point on are plenty of fights and your first puzzle.
  • Enter the small room directly below the safe room. Use your third eye to find a glowing book, 「奴隷の本」which you will need later.
  • Go further down the passageway until you enter the second area. Go all the way to the right to find another small room, and as before, use your third eye to find the book 「王妃の書」.
  • In the room directly below this one, you will find the final book, 「王の書」.
  • Now enter the room a little to the south. It’ll be the one with a big globe in the center. Use your third eye and you’ll see 3 slots to place books in, on 3 different walls around the room.
    • Place the book 「奴隷の本」into the slot at the bottom left of the room (according to the minimap)
    • Place the book 「王妃の書」into the slot at the right of the room
    • And finally, place the book 「王の書」into the slot at the top of the room. A secret room will open, and you will find a medal belonging to Kamoshida, as well as a map of the next area.
  • Leave the rooms from the door you came in through, and go right twice until you reach the staircase that’s being blocked off by a goat head. Use the medal on the goat head and the door will open, allowing you to go into the next area.
  • Once down the stairs, use the safe room. The following boss fight is kinda tough, so make sure you’re in fighting shape to proceed further.
  • Leave the safe room and enter the giant hall. You will trigger a boss fight. The boss uses the move ‘Charge’ to power up his next attack, so use the Block command after he charges to guard against his next attack. He has no elemental weaknesses, so just hit him with your best attacks.
  • Once the boss fight is over, 4 shadows spawn around you. Quickly duck behind a pew, and then channel your inner sneaky person to systematically take out the shadows. Or you can try to make a break for it.
  • Whatever you pick, move towards the top right of the room, and use your third eye to find a climbing spot. Climb up and jump your way towards the left side of the room. Alternatively, you can pull a lever after moving upwards from the place you first climbed up, opening up a shortcut leading straight to the spiral staircase leading to the next area.
  • This area is a maze filled with tough shadows, mostly Beriths, occasionally accompanied by Pixies. Hope you have Bufu. Systematically take them out, using the crates as cover for sneak attacks.
  • Once you’ve beaten the shadows (or sneaked past them), you will see a big door dead ahead. That is not your objective. Instead, use your third eye to find a jumping spot on the left. Climb up and jump your way towards the next area.
  • You’ll find yourself in a big circular room with four quadrants. Make your way into the bottom right one, containing a lever to pull. Pull it to open the path to the next floor. Ride the elevator down and you’ll find a fight against two Succubi. You’ve now opened a shortcut to a nearby safe room, in case you’re done exploring for the day.
  • Use the staircase in the top right quadrant of the earlier map to go to the next floor.
  • The next area is straightforward. Just go up the stairs.
  • In another spiral room you will see a passage being blocked by swinging scythes. Observe the nearby Kamoshida statue head, and you will learn that you need 2 items held by shadows that glow yellow. Go back down the stairs you came from, and hunt down both these shadows in the previous rooms.
  • Once you have both the key items, go back to the Kamoshida statue and fit his eyes in. This causes the scythes to stop swinging so you can proceed further.
  • In the next area, you will see flying blocks in the air with no apparent way to get up to them. Look for a suspicious black box and observe it, which triggers a boss fight. Beat the boss and the stairway to the next area will appear. (He’s weak to sleeping spells, and he does big damage to Ann so guard her well)
  • Congrats- you’re almost there! Use the safe room on the right side of the area, then go back to the main door and use your third eye to find a climbing spot up the statue of a girl’s butt. Go all the way straight through the big room till you are at the very back, in a room with Kamoshida’s treasure. View the cutscene, and congrats, you’re done for the day.

Boss Fight

  • Once you’ve informed Kamoshida you’re coming for him, enter the palace at the last safe room, and this time you may walk straight through the main door and into the treasury.
  • After the cutscene, to no one’s surprise, is a boss fight with Kamoshida’s shadow.


Kamoshida’s Shadow

HP: 2500

Weaknesses: None

Resistances: None

Kamoshida’s Chalice

HP: 900

Weaknesses: None

Resistances: None


  • Start off by hitting Kamoshida until he takes a swig from his chalice, fully restoring his HP. Proceed to destroy his chalice. Try to preserve your SP.
  • Once he gets enraged, his damage goes up a lot, so watch out.
  • Once his chalice is broken, he gets a new high damage move, some kind of volleyball spike. Once his minions have gathered the attack is coming, so guard with your entire party.
  • Also after the chalice is broken, a new tactic will be available. You can choose to send someone to recover his crown, while the rest are tasked at keeping Kamoshida busy. Lay on the attacks with the rest of your party, or Kamoshida will notice your plan and it will fail. Personally I think Ryuji is the best person to send as he can’t heal, and Ann’s Takunda helps in keeping Kamoshida’s damage low.
  • If you successfully knock Kamoshida’s crown off, he starts taking a lot more damage. Pile it on till he goes down. Congrats- you just completed your first Palace!


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