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Gundam Versus Patch 1.06 Buffs and Nerfs

The Gundam Versus 1.06 Patch has just dropped (view the changelog here), and Japanese Twitter users are already sharing videos of the changes to both suits and strikers.

One user in particular, who goes by the handle , has been sharing quick captures of some of the recent changes.


The Gold Sumo striker nerf. Note that Gold Sumo sweeps at where the opponent was upon activation, with no muzzle correction. Simply free-falling is enough to avoid getting hit.


Guntank striker nerf. No tracking after the first shot is fired. The notorious King of “that shouldn’t hit” has been dethroned.


Hyaku Shiki Striker nerf. Easier to dodge now, and has less ammo (3>2).

Kimaris Trooper at 0:28 of the video. It doesn’t knock up the target as high as before, meaning the target can recover much more earlier. Also showing Tallgeese II’s increased activation timer of BC, but you don’t really need a video to show that right?

Doan’s Zaku 0.03. A bit hard to see, but the knockback distance is indeed reduced.



X1 Full Cloth nerfs. You can see he has less HP than before (680>640), and the video mainly shows the slightly increased startup on 5AC during your CSA, and the decreased tracking and inability to follow-up on the last hit for 4/6B.


Hot Scramble nerfs. Decreased HP (700>680), reduced speed on CSA sweep, lower beam speed from 2AB, slower start up to 8B (the flash kick), lower tracking for CC8B (hop melee) and overall weaker melee. 尻火 commented that “Hot Scramble is dead”.

Zeong nerfs. Reduced HP 560 >520, slower Main projectile speed and tracking (look at the RXy78 dodging it by simply moving even though he’s so close). 2AB (Beam wall) size and proration also got a lot worse, dealing only 135 damage with 2AB> Doan’s Zaku Striker.

Gyan. The 2B jump is a lot shorter now.

Buffs and Adjustments

Qubeley buffs. Here he shows the increased ammo (12>18) and reload speed for the sub (about 1 second per ammo now), and the increased beam speed on the funnel wall (BC).


Psycho Zaku buffs. All the cancel routes! 尻火apologise for this video as he doesn’t play Psycho Zaku at all


Mack Knife buffs. More HP, A~AB cancel route, improved hitbox on AB, and various other improvements are shown.


GN-X. More cancel routes and reduced cooldowns.

Slave Wraith. Faster start up on CSA, faster start up and more inertia carried over, larger explosion for BC (Flash Bomb).

Throne Drei. He didn’t perform much of the new cancel route, but showed off the increased mobility, bigger CSA and AC (GN Blade throw), and overall melee improvemnts.

Kyrios. A~AC cancel route allows you to escape quickly, and opponent cannot tech out of BC. Increased tracking on BC during Burst also.   2 ammo on MA Mode’s AC (GN Missiles) makes it a great bombardment attack now!

Vigna Ghina. She travels so much further during AC and BC. 4/6AB also moves her sideways very quickly, fast enough to dodge many other attacks now.

Jesta. Notably BC’s 3rd hit will now Down the target, and the Beam rifle shots will home even if the initial Beam Saber throw misses.

Rick Dias. Mainly the increased size of the Beam Pistol backshot main

Zeta. AC (Hyper Mega Launcher) reload type changed to continuous, and the new AC~BC (Mega Launcher to Transform) cancel route, and reduced reload time for AB (Grenades)

Pale Rider. The new A~AB cancel route allows for some basic evasion, and the dash in HADES mode now consumes lesser boost.

We’ll be updating this page as new information becomes available, so stay tuned!