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Gundam AGE-2

Model Number: AGE-2 / AGE-2DB Pilot: Asemu Asuno
Cost: 400 Hp: 620 Transform: O Form Change: O

A second-generation made after analyzing the data from AGE-1. Using a smart and lightweight frame, it has greatly improved mobility. It can also transform into the high speed cruising mode “Strider” to fly around with 3 times the usual propulsion.

Move Summary

AGE-2 Normal


AGE-2 Double Bullet



AGE-2 is a suit with 2 Forms and MA Mode for both, making it very difficult to learn to use and master. To top it off, it also has various cancel routes in and out of the MA Mode, which also boasts useful attacks and also cuts tracking which you will want to use to make up for the mediocre red lock range and damage output from individual attacks.


During AGE-2 Normal

During AGE-2 Double Bullet


  • Manage your ammo well by changing forms as ammo will reload even when in the other form.
  • DODS rifle will take a little while to get used to due to the slow travel speed. Pretend it’s a bazooka when using it at first.
  • DB has slightly longer red lock range, but Normal is more agile and has a one shot CSA. Pick your forms carefully. DB is more suited in midrange when looking for a confirmed hit, and also can use his CSA for okizeme. Swap back to Normal when dodging or escaping with the various moves that cuts tracking.
  • Surprise your enemies with 8AC to quickly form change and use the weapons of the other form.


Recommended Combos

Will be added in later!