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Gundam 06 Mudrock

Model Number: RX-78-6 Pilot: Agar
Cost: 300 Hp: 540 Transform: X Form Change: X

The 6th unit made using a Gundam-type base, modified into a heavy artillery unit. The two Beam Cannons on its shoulder often have cooling issues, but it has overwhelming range and firepower compared to Mobile Suits of the same generation.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 7 70
Charged Main Beam Rifle (High output)   – 100 Does not cause forced down
 Sub Grenade Launcher  4  40-74 Fires two grenades per button press, does not cause vernier
Special Shooting 300mm Cannon  3 128 Decent tracking, high firepower
Special Melee  300mm Cannon (Dash)    128  Enter a special dash mode with super armor, while firing up to 3 shots
Burst Attack As long I have this power! 262(B)/234(L)

Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 176  
8B 8BB 134 Bounce on hit
4B  4B 75 1 hit only
2B  2B 80 1 hit only
CC8B CC8BB 130  

Cancel Routes:


Mudrock Gundam is a pretty unique addition to the series. One very important thing to point out about Mudrock is that it takes 30% less damage from the front, but 30% extra damage from the rear. This means it is critical that you make an effort to face your opponent at all times, and position yourself such that you do not get flanked.

Mudrock’s ranged weapons are pretty potent. It has a good mix of high damage and high tracking moves that allow it to support a teammate from a safe distance, while avoiding showing its butt to the enemy. However, calling Mudrock’s melee game abysmal is an understatement- it has one of the most underwhelming melee sets in the game.

Mudrock is the kind of suit that proves challenging and confusing for opponents who do not have sufficient experience fighting it. Position yourself correctly to take less damage, and prove to enemies why you’ve got the word ‘Rock’ in your name. Or, get shot in the back and show them why you’ve got the word ‘Mud’ in your name.

Passive: +-30% Damage From Front/Back

As mentioned earlier, Mudrock takes 30% less damage from the front, but 30% extra from the rear. This means that taking a Beam Rifle shot to the back can do a mere 50 damage, while one to the back can do around 90. Your effective HP can be anywhere between 378 to 702hp, depending on how well you can avoid showing your back to the enemy.

Some other points on how this mechanic works:

  • ‘Back’ or ‘Front’ is determined by a simple circle around Mudrock: 180 degrees in front of Mudrock is its front, and 180 degrees in the back is your rear. There is no separate calculation for damage taken from the sides, or top and below.
  • It does not only apply to the first hit of your combo. If your enemy hits you in the front twice, and then circles you and hits you in the back, you take 30% less for the first two shots, and 30% extra on the last.
  • Damage modifiers apply to melee hits, and friendly fire as well.



Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle
Average beam rifle. Its high travel speed and accuracy helps greatly in setting up some of your slower attacks.

Charged Main: Beam Rifle (High Output)
Fires a big BR shot that travels faster than a regular BR. While this knocks the enemy back, unlike other CSAs this does not down the opponent. At the right angle, you can follow this up with an AC Cannon Shot.

Sub:Grenade Launcher
Fires 2 grenades, or up to 4 by repeatedly pressing A after the first AB. These missiles do little damage and don’t flinch the enemy for long, but there are quite a few good points to this move. It reloads rather quickly (reloads on empty), and most importantly this move does not cause vernier. In fact, you can continue boost dashing while releasing missiles. This is a great tool for approaching enemies, especially when coming from a diagonal angle.

You can also boost dash upwards while firing these missiles, and of course release them as you land to cover your landing. Use this in conjunction with your A and AC to switch between firing three different types of projectiles that behave quite differently.

Special Shooting: 300mm Cannon
Fires the two cannons mounted behind your shoulders. There are actually two projectiles fired- when both hit, the opponent is instantly put into a forced down state. Hitting a single projectile does not down the enemy, and causes only 75 damage.

This move is somewhat slow, but the tracking is decent and the damage payoff is good. This is your main method to lay the hurt on enemies. Just like with your AB, remember to bottom out on your ammo so the reload begins.

Special Melee: 300mm Cannon (Dash)
There are 3 main sequences to this move: First, dash towards your target and fire your Beam Cannons at the target (Same performance as your AC, does not cost AC ammo). Second, continue dashing and fire your Beam Cannons in the direction your suit is facing. Lastly, input A and vernier stop before firing your Beam Cannons. You can cancel out of this sequence anytime using boost dash, boost dive, or sidestepping during Burst. You have super armor during the entire sequence. Note that if you use this move while off the ground, you will descend to ground level for the rest of the sequence.

Sequence 1 is fairly straightforward. In most situations, it is safest to cancel out of this move after completing this sequence. This is pretty useful in close-mid range situations to close-in on an enemy safely, with the protection of super armor. Just watch out for gerobis or one-hit downs. 

Sequence 2 is rather difficult to control, as you enter a pseudo Mobile Armor mode where you continue dashing in the direction you are facing. You can control your movement using directional inputs. 

Unless you are dashing straight towards an enemy, you will find it extremely difficult to hit your Beam Cannons during this sequence. It’s generally best to use this sequence as a means to close distance on a faraway foe. Going this far in the sequence while in close range is extremely risky, so take care not to inadvertently expose your back to the enemy.

Sequence 3 is pretty straightforward: if you have not been thoroughly beaten by the enemy after sequence 2, you can input A to come to a stop, and fire your Beam Cannons. At this point, you would have spent close to 75% of your boost. If you run out of boost (lightning effect) in the middle of this move, you will still continue dashing around, but you will not be allowed to input A for the final shot.

Overall, this move is pretty gimmicky past the first sequence, but it’s that very gimmicky-ness that may give you an edge in battle. Use this move to surprise unsuspecting enemies, and then make them fear this move and constantly anticipate it. Mind games!

Melee Set

Mudrock’s melee is bad. Many of its moves end after a single hit, are difficult to follow-up, or straight up perform terribly. 

As such, this melee section will cover only one thing: cancel all your melee hits into 5BB>AC or CSA. This is pretty much the only viable combo aside from EX burst. It may be best not to rely on your melee at all, and stick to harassing the enemy at mid-long range.

Burst Attack

As long I have this power!
A melee combo sequence which ends in multiple projectile shots. Not cut resistant, so be careful about using this when double locked. 

Also, the projectiles can be blocked by shooting barriers, so be careful about starting this combo on a Nu Gundam with its shield up, or any suit with an ABC mantle. 



  • Much like its namesake, Mudrock does best when the fight is taken to the ground. Try to stay grounded as much as possible, so that you can refill your boost often, allowing you to fire off your quick-to-reload weaponry with greater ease. 
  • Learning to face the enemy is a critical skill when playing Mudrock. Two of the more standard ways to do so include boost dashing forward towards your enemy (can be punished) or holding the boost button while facing the stick/lever towards the enemy. When done correctly, you will slowly ascend while turning to face the enemy. 
  • Facing the enemy is important not only for avoiding taking back damage- avoiding vernier on your Sub is really important. Few suits can fire four projectiles while remaining completely mobile, so be sure to take advantage of that!
  • Mudrock has 4 projectiles that move at varying speeds, and have varying tracking behaviors. Don’t always use your weapons in the same sequences: mix it up to make it hard for your enemy to dodge your attacks.
  • The difference between a good Mudrock and a great Mudrock (aside from knowing how to hide one’s butt) is the use of the Cannon Rush BC. Figure out the best time to use it and make it integrate seamlessly into your playstyle, and you’ll be much closer to mastering this suit.


Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
 A>A>A 147   
 A>AB (2 hits) 120  102 damage if cancelled (A~AB)