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Funny, WTF and Pro plays #1

There’s no lack of moments in game where you go WTF HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN!? Here in our weekly post, we’ll bring you some of the best ones we see.


@fa_takubo complains that his AC doesn’t hit very often, but his Burst Attacks will hit in situations like this more often than not

@yumayu114514 shows you what Lightning Gear is used for

Clearly hitting more than 1 target with BC~8B is @exvsmaidon‘s forte. Including his teammate.

When Phantom Light does more bad than good

So apparently Baund Doc’s 2B is so fast that if he hits a guarding opponent at the edge of the map, the opponent will be stuck in guard animation until he bursts out.

And lastly, @gnfrag1129 shows some pro moves with AGE-1’s Titus’s 2B Shockwave, stopping a Epyon Zero System in his tracks.