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Best Co-op Ability List

The Best Co-op Abilities And Where To Find Them

In past Persona games, players usually picked which Social Links they wanted to level up based on which characters they liked best. This has changed significantly in Persona 5— it’s all about Co-op abilities now, baby.

“But what about my waifu??” Well, think of it this way. By taking advantage of the best Co-op abilities the game has to offer, you’ll be so powerful that Palace runs will only take a day. You’ll get so much money that you won’t know what to do with it. You’ll be optimizing on your time so efficiently, that you will get to finish more Co-op routes than you ever thought possible. I haven’t finished the game, but I honestly believe that by playing your cards right, you can finish every Co-op route in Persona 5.

So here’s a list of the best Co-op abilities that you should be getting ASAP.

The Sun (XIX)

I know you didn’t buy this game because you wanted to spend time with a washed out Politician, but Toranosuke’s Rank 2 Co-op ability instantly vanquishes any monetary woes you were experiencing. With a bit of luck, you’ll start earning over 10,000 yen in battle.

Basically, it allows you to demand money from Shadows multiple times. Ask one time too many and the Shadow will get pissed, either attacking twice in succession or summoning another Shadow. But at the very least, you can extort a Shadow for cash once (they never say no the first time), before executing an All-Out Attack and getting full exp and cash for the kills.

I would caution to not proceed past Rank 2, unless you plan on going all the way and getting him to Rank 10. This is because of his Rank 3 ability— while it says you can occasionally extort a large amount of money from Shadows, I noticed the amount to be on par with the regular extortion amount, and worst of all the Shadows walk free afterwards, meaning you miss out on the EXP and kill money.

Money is of utmost importance in Persona 5, so get this guy to Rank 2 ASAP.




The Temperance (XIV)

Another key resource in Persona 5 is time. You have a limited amount of it, and Persona games have always felt like a race to see as much of the story as you can in the time you are allotted. This is why Sadayo, whose Co-op abilities all revolve around time optimization, rates second in my list of the best Co-op abilities.

She doesn’t have a single best Co-op ability; they’re all great.

Sabotage and Full Sabotage let you occasionally slack off during class time. You can either read a book you have on hand, sleep and dream of a random Co-op partner (gain affection points), or study on your own and gain 2 points in knowledge.

Her Rank 3&7 abilities save you time you might have needed to spend making curry or coffee for dungeon runs. If you have the money (see: Toranosuke) then you’ll essentially be able to make SP items every night without spending any time on it. And trust me, the only resource more scarce than time and money in this game, is SP.

Lastly, her final ability cuts the time you spend in Mementos and Palaces by half, freeing up your evenings.




The Fortune (X)

Remember what I said about time being a key resource? Chihaya is just as much a time wizard as Sadayo, and the only reason I’m listing her lower than Sadayo is that you get access to her a little bit later.

For the measly sum of 5k yen (are you beginning to see how bad you need Toranosuke now?) you can raise attribute points or affection points with the character of your choosing, without having to spend any time.

They don’t actually show you how many extra points you get, but I estimate that you gain between 2-3 affection points per 5k spent at Chihaya’s. That’s just crazy value for money.

If you have the money for it, visit her every night possible. The “free” points are too good to pass up!




The Death (XIV)

Think of your last Palace run, and why you had to leave. Story roadblocks aside, the only reason anyone has to leave Palace ever is if they run out of SP.

Once you get her to Co-op rank 5, you can buy SP accessories from her shop, the best and most expensive being one that recovers 7SP at the start of every turn. It costs 100,000 apiece (Toranosuke, once again, you lifesaver).

Once SP stops being a problem, you can clear Palaces in a single day. This frees up so much extra time to gain attribute points or clear other Co-op ranks.

This girl puts the Ace in Palace! (I’m sorry)




The Tower (XVI)

We’re now venturing into the territory of the best battle Co-op abilities, and Shinya stands at the very top. Instant down on any enemy, regardless of any resistances they might have? Yes please!

You start off only being able to use Down Shot twice in a dungeon run, but later on you gain abilities that give you more ammo, and reduce the amount of ammo required to perform Down Shot.

Elemental weaknesses are free to exploit. For everything else, there’s Down Shot.




The Star (XVII)

Switching team members in battle? In a Persona game??

While her other abilities are great too, that’s probably the best benefit you get out of Hifumi.

There are more elemental attack types than ever before in P5, and being able to switch to the right party member at any time really helps in SP conservation.

P5 really encourages you to use every cast member instead of having a fixed team of 4, a change which I warmly welcome.




The Moon (XVIII)

What I just said above? About using every party member? This man makes it so easy.

Simply put, at level Co-op rank 10, everyone gains an equal amount of EXP per battle, regardless of whether they participated or not.

Mishima moves to Akiba at around Rank 7.




Honorable Mentions

Try to at least get the Baton Touch ability with all your party members. It’s a great ability that lets you save SP and exploit enemy weaknesses more freely.



Here are the availability dates for the above characters, in order of appearance:

Arcana Start Date
The Death 6th April
The Moon 6 May
The Sun 6 May
The Temperance 24 May
The Star 6 June
The Fortune 22 June
The Tower 4 Sept


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  • ZantaRay

    Hey, love your site, I'm well on track to be doing a first playthough max s. link run thanks to you. Just figured I'd comment about Mishima, after it was unlocked I found he started showing up in Akihabara, which was also roughly the time he was rank 7 for me, and it's fair way off centre, so you might have just kept missing it. Also I'd argue that Chihaya deserves to be above Kawakami in priority, though I can understand your reasoning for the order.

    • Theralion

      My personal modus operandi regarding advancing social links/confidants is to do whoever's available, and generally prioritize one that will rank up over one that won't. I personally had a hard time advancing through some of Chihaya's ranks on my first playthrough, and while the free points in a confidant were helpful, it came fairly late in the game, I ultimately managed to max out everyone besides Sun (to keep the unlimited money demands trick), Hanged Man (maxed out my Guts too late in the game), Tower (opened up too late, and I was working on Futaba around that time) and Devil (not very useful) on my first playthrough.

      Futaba deserves a spot on the list, since Position Hack helps prevent you from being surrounded, and Final Guard can save you from multi-target attacks that will kill someone. I didn't find Tae as useful, since I had fewer problems with SP (Lucky/Miracle Punch are quite useful, as is One Shot, One Kill, when both are combined with passives that increase critical hit rate).

  • Lena

    Mishima moves to Akiba after rank 7, he's right next to the starting point for that location.

    And I think it's worth mentioning that you get a half-discount for the clinic items at rank 7, so the SP regen is 50k. You can buy 4 at first and rotate them between the characters until you get more money.

    I wish I had gotten Toranosuke's rank higher earlier, I was really strapped for cash early on since I wanted to minimize grinding to get through the story as fast as possible, I definitely will get him to rank 2 asap on NG+ since I want to complete my compendium

    • Kuanyi Twang

      Hey! Super late but thanks for the info. :)