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Ailments are bad status effects that weaken those afflicted by them.

There is a new mechanic in P5 called ‘Technical’. Basically, you do extra damage to ailment-afflicted enemies if you use the right techniques. For example, burned enemies take extra damage from Wind and Nuclear based attacks.

Bear in mind that scoring a Technical only does bonus damage, it does not knock down the enemy.

Ailments can be dispelled with Recovery skills, Items, or with the cooperation ability ‘Paper Fan Recovery’, which all party members may learn.

Ailment-afflicted characters will also not participate in All-out attacks.

There seem to be a lot more Ailments in Persona 5, so bear with me if the name translations are weird. I’m actually following the naming trends Pokemon uses.



Name Effect Technical
Burn Take damage after a turn Wind, Nuclear
Freeze Cannot move Physical, Nuclear
Paralyze Cannot move, causes an electric shock to those who touch the afflicted character Physical, Nuclear
Dizzy Suffer a big decrease in accuracy Psychic
Silence Cannot use skills Psychic
Sleep Cannot move, recover HP and SP every turn spent asleep All attacks
Confusion Character performs one of 3 random actions every turn:

  • Give money to the enemy
  • Use a recovery item
  • Throw away an item
Fear High chance to not move

Chance to run away from battle

Despair Drains SP every turn, cannot move

Dies/Faints  after 3 turns have passed

Rage Character automatically attacks with the standard physical attack every turn

Attack power greatly increased, defense decreased

Charm Performs one of 3 random actions every turn:

  • Heal the enemy
  • Attack a teammate
  • Power up the enemy
Hunger Damage decreased Psychic
Mouse Form Cannot move, damage taken increased

Ailment Skills

JP Name ENG Name SP Targets Effect
目眩し Vertigo 5 1 Dizzy (High chance)
闇夜の閃光 Anya No Senkou 12 All Dizzy (Medium chance)
ドルミナー Dormina 5 1 Sleep (High chance)
スリープソング Sleeping 12 All Sleep (Medium chance)
マカジャマ Makajam 5 1 Silence (High chance)
マカジャマオン Makajamaon 12 All Silence (Medium chance)
プリンパ Pulinpa 5 1 Confusion (High chance)
テンタラフー Tentarafoo 12 All Confusion (Medium chance)
デビルタッチ Devil Touch 5 1 Fear (High chance)
デビルスマイル Devil Smile 12 All Fear (Medium chance)
不吉な言葉 Ominous Words 5 1 Despair (High chance)
奈落の波動 Wave Of Hades 12 All Despair (Medium chance)
挑発 Provoke 5 1 Rage (High chance)
宣戦布告 Declaration Of War 12 All Rage (Medium chance)
マリンカリン Marin Karin 5 1 Charm (High chance)
ブレインジャック Brainjack 12 All Charm (Medium chance)
飢餓の吐息 Sigh Of Hunger Hunger (High chance)
飢餓の叫び Cry Of Hunger Hunger


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  • nope

    You forgot about forget status :O

  • Charlie

    You missed "forget". I'm not sure what this ailment is affected by.