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Aegis Gundam and GM Sniper II (White Dingo Custom) confirmed for December DLC!

Just one day after their 1.07 update, the folks at Gundam Versus threw yet another surprise our way, announcing 2 more DLC suits for December on their main page: Aegis Gundam and GM Sniper II (White Dingo Custom)!

There’s a bit to go through, so let’s take a quick look at both suits.

Aegis Gundam

Cost: 300 Pilot: Athrun Zala


Command Weapon
Main (Chargable) Beam Rifle
Melee Beam Saber
Sub Shield Throw
Special Shooting Scylla (Gerobi)
Special Melee Claw Grab/Emergency Transform
Burst Attack “I’ll shoot you!”


Looking at the loadout, we can already we can see a striking resemblance to the Aegis Gundam in Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus. Fans of that game, keep a lookout for this one!

GM Sniper II White Dingo (White Dingo Custom)

Cost: 200 Pilot: Master Pierce Rayer

Command Weapon
Main Long Range Beam Rifle
Melee Beam Saber
Sub Hyper Bazooka
Special Shooting Long Range Beam Rifle (Gerobi)
Special Melee Mode Change
Burst Attack Long Range Beam Rifle (Full Power)


A cost 200 unit with a mode change and specializing in long range combat? Yes please. To those of you who like to play the ranged game, this might just be your thing.

Release date for the DLC is 12th December 2017. We can’t wait to get further details on these suits, so if you’re hungry to know more about them too, stick around because we’ll be posting updates (such as PVs) on the suits as soon as information hits the streets. See you around!