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GGEZ is a game guide site dedicated to helping you not suck. We currently have guides for playing through Persona 5, and we will be providing continuous coverage for Gundam Versus, an up-and-coming PvP action game for the PS4.

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Persona 5

  • Quiz & Exam Answers

    Here are the translated answers for Quizzes and Exams. I’ll be getting the proper English answers soon- for now, please make do with my poorly… Read More

  • Kaneshiro Palace

    6/20 Just walk down the corridors into the meeting room, as directed. Mid-boss fight against two sets of Oni, who resistance Physical attacks. Ann seems… Read More

  • Madarame Palace

    5/16 Take the passage on the right and Parkour your way to the open window Observe the paintings the camera zooms in on Take the… Read More

  • Kamoshida Palace

    The very first Palace you’ll have to conquer. This one is fairly straightforward in terms of puzzles, so really you shouldn’t be too stuck. Some… Read More

  • Beginner/Intermediate Fusion Tips

    The Personas you bring into battle make up the bulk of your overall battle prowess. Utilizing Fusion correctly is the key to decimating Shadows, and… Read More

Gundam Versus