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GGEZ is a game guide site dedicated to helping you not suck. We currently have guides for playing through Persona 5, and we will be providing continuous coverage for Gundam Versus, an up-and-coming PvP action game for the PS4.

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Gundam Versus Patch Details for Version 1.07

This morning at 1000hrs JST, Gundam Versus underwent another major version up. The information below was taken from Gundam Versus’ official patch post: http://g-versus.ggame.jp/info/?p=381 The… Read More

Upcoming DLC leaked? GM Sniper II (White Dingo Custom)

  Read More

November DLC Confirmed! Atlas, Zeydra, Raider, Zaku I (Gerhart)

The official site finally posted the DLC for November! There will be two units released on 21 Nov and 28 Nov on the Japan… Read More

MBON Atlas Gundam PV rolling in!

The EXVS Maxiboost ON PV for Atlas Gundam is out! While we wait patiently for the Gundam Versus PV, let’s take a look at his… Read More

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